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  • Sticky situation

    My 6 week old daughter has started to have colic usually every night from 4pm till 10pm. I have found a wonderful way to deal with it. I wear her around the house or go for walks using a sling. It usually put her to sleep. Here's where the problem begins. If i put her in the sling and let her sleep she won't sleep very well at night. She's quite but loves to kick and play in the bed keeping me awake in the process. I'm not sure what to do. Avoid putting her in the sling so she'll sleep at night or accept that I'm not going to get any sleep and keep putting her in the sling. Any suggestions out there on what to do?

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    I am not sure I am understanding. So, she falls asleep good in the sling but then wakes up when you put her down? Or she just seems to wake up more at night? If it is the latter you might try swaddling her at night. That will mimic the tightness of a sling.


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      she just seems to be awake more at night. Playing and kicking and cooing.


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        Hmm...I'm not sure wearing her in the sling during the day has anything to do with poor sleep at night...maybe just a coincidence? She is still very young maybe she is still just figuring her schedule still.

        You might try swaddling to see if she prefers the tight/secure feeling.


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          We have to swaddle our 11 week old every night or she won't stay asleep. She startles constantly & if anything, like her fist, gets near her mouth, she wakes up hungry, even if it's only been a few minutes since she's eaten. Swaddling has worked wonders for us!

          Also, are you co-sleeping? If not, this can help them stay asleep too.


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            Around 11-13 weeks, your baby's digestive system will mature just a little more and this colicky time may diminish or go away. My child (now 20 months) would cry daily in the evening no matter how much body time he got with me during the day. We tried it all, and in the end, it seemed that time just took its course. In terms of how much your child sleeps at night - that's a tough one, since they all wake up to feed. Maybe you can do what you need to do now to either diminish the crying and/or get more sleep, and reassess in a few weeks. It seems like the only constant is change.