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I'm new here...and longing for some input!

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  • I'm new here...and longing for some input!

    I've just joined and am desperate for some help. My son (almost 8 months old) has slept with us since birth. When he falls asleep (around 8pm) , we put him in his crib. He wakes up and I nurse him back down around 10pm. Sometimes he'll go back in his crib, other times he makes it clear that he wants to come in bed with us. I love cuddling with him and this has been fine...until lately. It has become the norm for him to squirm around for what seems like all night long. He's not sleeping, we're not sleeping and therefore I don't feel like I have my head on straight to make a good decision about what to do next. Does he need to stay in his crib all night? We hit this stage with my daughter and put her in the crib. I hated the way we transitioned her. I'm not looking to do the "cry-it-out" method like the whole world seems to think I should.
    Furthermore, getting him to sleep in the first place has become a challenge. I wait until he's showing obvious signs of fatigue and then nurse him in the rocking chair. He looks like he's going to fall asleep, but after filling his tummy, he's wide-eyed and wants to move! He becomes agitated and squirmy if I put him in the sling and rock him while standing. This used to work like magic! I'm at a loss as to what we should try next. Help!

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    Is his crib in another room? Is there a close to you but separate place for him? Maybe in a sidecar situation? I think maybe you should look for a middle ground? Can you think of another option such as butting up a single bed or putting a toddler bed next to your mattress on the floor.
    Let me know?


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      I second the suggestion of the mattress on the floor next to your bed. Seems like at that age my ds went through a phase also where he really needed his space to sleep and was a very active sleeper. Some nights he was fine in his crib but others he wanted to be closer to us. My DH is out of town a lot so I just pushed the bed up against the wall so it made the bed seem larger and he had more room to wiggle and move and we could both sleep without bothering each other. Maybe putting a mattress next to your bed would give him that space but you could still just roll down to him when he needs you. Transitions can be tough! Follow your instincts.


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        I currently use the side car idea, here is a web site that actually shows pictures. I hope no one minds me linking this, if so I am sorry.

        When my daughter was born I thought that co-sleeping could result in SIDS (I know, I know... I learnt fast by reading Dr. Sears' The Attachment Parenting Book), and I had the same problem with transferring her from the crib to nursing through the night......

        Now it's soooooo much easier to nurse, to sleep beside her, to transfer her from bed to crib. It's also good some nights when I think she has slept through the night, but really she made her way to me in the night and nursed on her own. I those nights.

        The side car is really great around the age your son is, when seperation anxiety and teething and all the other good stuff kicks in.

        Take care sweetheart, and I hope you and your son gets some sleep tonight!


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          I'm also new and looking for similar input!

          My first daughter used the attached co-sleeping bassinet a little, but mostly slept with us. She was great first the first leg of the night - often sleeping in her crib between 7:30pm and 11 or 12. My second daughter, now almost 4 months loves being held constantly (which I try to oblige through a sling, etc.) and will not sleep or nap in her crib or elseswhere. She's been in our bed from day 1 and the only separated time we have is in the car!

          I'm starting to feel very bad for my 2 year old who is not getting any undivided time from me. While I love being attached (literally) to my baby, I need a "little" time? Any ideas? Dad helps a little, but works ALOT, so he's not around most evenings and very little on the weekend unfortunately..

          thanks in advance...
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