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Any ideas on how to get baby to sleep?

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  • Any ideas on how to get baby to sleep?


    Like most of you, I'm an exhausted mum to a beautiful 4 month old boy. He's never been a good sleeper, and usually would wake between 5-10 times during the night (from 9pm-7am). But, would take about 5 hours worth of naps during the day (also waking during the nap for a little feed). We cosleep, so it was fine with me and I could handle all the frequent wakings. But, over the past five weeks he won't even go to sleep even when exhausted. He'll stay awake for 8-9 hours or sometimes 12. My DH and I will both be exhausted by the time he'll finally sleep as we'll have been rocking, walking, swinging, nursing quite a lot during that time trying to help him sleep. He won't take naps anymore and won't sleep until about 10pm and awakes frequently during the night, and fully awakes by 6am. One time, after 3 hours of trying to get him to sleep off and on-I laid down on the bed with him, offered by breast (didn't want) and then just held him. He cried hard for one minute, and then finally fell asleep for three hours.

    He may be teething. So, I've tried giving him Tylenol before bed, but it doesn't make any difference. I've also just bought Orojel for his gums in case he's in lots of pain-but also no difference.

    Anyhow, after weeks of so little sleep I feel like I am mentally going crazy. My DH is a huge help when he is home, but works 12 hours or so a day and is on call lots of weekends. Does anyone have any ideas for me how to get him to sleep and/or have any helpful hints on why he may be waking so often and sleeping so little?

    Thanks so much,

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    Originally posted by kchiu View Post
    Does anyone have any ideas for me how to get him to sleep and/or have any helpful hints on why he may be waking so often and sleeping so little?

    Thanks so much,

    Hi Katrina, My second boy just turned 7mo and right around 4mo is when I figured out my son had a dairy sensitivity. It manifested itself in a lot of spit up! When I cut out dairy, his symptoms greatly improved. I know many babies manifest allergies through sleep behavior and that might be something you could look into. Check out The Fussy Baby Book by Sears, It has a lot of things to look into for a baby like yours.

    Allergies is only one possible idea. You might just be blessed with a child with that personality! Keep making an effort to improve his sleep-and by extension yours! Little babies change so quickly too-next month all might be different! Dairy usually takes at least a week to get out of your milk if you try that first. Let me know what things you have tried-Swings, sleeping in a more upright position, maybe fabric sensitivities, too hot or cold....?


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      Hi Naomi,

      Thanks for your reply. As far as what I've tried...

      I keep him in 100% cotton, although I do not cloth diaper. I had thought he may be dairy sensitive since he was colicky when he was first born, so I cut out all main sources of dairy from my diet. However, I think his colic was actually due to an overactive let down reflex and once I fixed this, he was a ton better. He's quite a happy little guy, but seems more frsutrated lately as I think he's so tired.

      If he doesn't sleep on the bed, he either sleeps in his Amby bed or his swing. However, no sleep arrangment is significantly better than the other. I also have white noise and have tried a number of NCSS suggestions.

      Will the Fussy Baby Book have good ideas for me if he isn't colicky? I own The Baby Book and The Sleep Book by Dr.Sears as well.

      Thanks again,