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    I have a 7 week old and she is still getting up every 2-3 hrs to feed throughout the night (She is gaining weight very well and now weighs about 9lb 4oz). Another baby I know who is 6 hrs younger is already sleeping through the night. At what age is it normal for a baby to sleep all night long?

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    Every baby's different! Mine is 3 months & doesn't sleep through the night, but we've handled it by having her sleep w/ us & I've learned how to breastfeed while I'm sleeping! I get a full night's sleep. She gets a full night's sleep & as much food as she wants. My husband gets a full night's sleep & loves the bonding we all get. It's great! I honestly don't care if she sleeps through the night or not & when people ask I just laugh & tell them "No, of course she doesn't!"



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      i have a 25 MONTH old who still doesn't STTN. i belive i read in Mothering that most children don't STTN until around age 3.


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        I had my now 3 1/2 year old STTN at around 2 or so, but he is waking up every night again because he has to go to the bathroom.On the other hand, my 20 month old will sleep through the night most of the time. If anything he wakes up to snuggle closer to me, but falls right back to sleep.


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          Originally posted by PaxMamma View Post
          i belive i read in Mothering that most children don't STTN until around age 3.
          This Is funny from my perspective because my oldest son slept through the night from 3mo old to 31/2 yr old and NOW he doesnt! Probably related to having an developed imagination now and waking up and being spooked!
          Yes, every baby is different with their own temperament and requirements for sleep. It does NOT reflect on your mothering or your child's "maturity" level. (developmentally babies can be closer to that though) Do YOU mind that she wakes up and nurses?
          Sleeping through the night is just one of those things like "How much does your baby eat" and "how many words does he say?" Kinda contesty sometimes. Watch out..don't get pulled down into Baby Gladiators! Just teasing, I am sure you are doing a wonderful job.