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  • am I a danger?

    Me and my 7 week old love sleeping together. Up until now we have had no problems. Tonight while sleeping a woke up and found I had rolled to my other side (fell asleep on the left shoulder woke up on the right shoulder). She was tucked safely on the other side exactly how i like her but had not covered her lower half or moved my pillow away to aviod any possible dangers. But now I'm afraid I'm a danger. I don't remember waking up and rolling with her. Has anyone else had this happen? Am I a danger and need to stop co-sleeping with her. I woke her to nurse her and she appears ok. any suggestions on how to prevent this (I was not overly tired and had even gone to be earlier than normal)

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    Sometimes that happens, make sure that you're following the safe co-sleeping guidelines from the API website.

    Families who choose to co-sleep should follow API's Safe Co-sleeping Guidelines:
    • Avoid smoking around baby, day or night. Babies, who are around smoke, even if it isn't in the bedroom, are at greater risk of SIDS
    • Never co-sleep when under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription or over the counter medications that cause drowsiness
    • Always place baby to sleep on her back
    • Baby should sleep next to mother, rather than between mother and father
    • Use a large bed with a mattress that fits snugly against the rail or is flush up against a wall.
    • Choose a firm mattress free of fluffy bedding and stuffed animals
    • Use safety measures such as side rails, bed extenders and safe placement of the family bed. Fill in any crevice with a rolled-up baby blanket or towel
    • Adjust baby's clothing based on her sleeping arrangements. A baby sleeping alone in a crib needs warmer pajamas than a child who co-sleeps and thus gets warmth from her parents. Overheating can be dangerous to infants
    • Never leave a baby unattended in an adult bed
    • Never place a baby on a couch, bean bag chair or waterbed to sleep
    • Do not allow baby-sitters or older siblings to sleep with baby