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Sleep issues - maybe??

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  • Sleep issues - maybe??

    He was sleeping a 5 or 6 hour stretch followed by a 3 to 4 hr stretch consistently from about 3 1/2 months to 4 1/2 months. We moved from FL to Vegas and he started nursing around the clock and having loads of sleep issues. His naps changed, he started sleeping less at night etc. I attributed it to the following: climate change (must be thirsty...), teething (lots of swollen gums episodes) and we also went through a bout with an ear infection. The thing is now we have a couple nights a week that are decent (maybe nursing every three hours) and then there will be two or three nights where he wakes up constantly (1 1/2 to 2 hr intervals). Oh and I reintroduced dairy about a month ago after not having it since he was 4 weeks and then took it out (ummmm mostly took it out) a little over a week ago.

    Our sleeping arrangments: we have a co-sleeping bassinet that he has been in since birth because our bed was too small. Since we got a king bed (about a month ago) he is between the two. He usually starts out in the co-sleeping bassinet and is with us after we go to bed. He sleeps in his own space in the middle or some nights up against me.

    The other thing I wanted to mention is that he used to go down at night and I was GUARANTEED he wouldn't wake again until it was time to nurse. Now he is very wakeful every night for the first two hours after I put him down. He is asleep when I lay him down (nursed to sleep or in the sling) and wakes up at a 45 min - 1 hr interval on the nose every night after he is put down. I either nurse or sway him back to sleep. Some times he does it 3 to 4 times before he settles for a couple of hours.

    WHAT HAPPENED? Can I fix it? Will he ever go back to the 5 or 6 hrs without nursing?
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    I can connect with your need for sleep! I can also attest to the fact that they do eventually sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time!

    So your child is 5-6 months old now? He is probably a lot busier during the day than he was a few months ago? Is he crawling, interacting, sitting up, scooting, eating solids? Sometimes these sorts of major changes in a child's life; physical, emotional, social growth can affect their sleeping patterns. This can be normal development. I have noticed when a major step is taken with my babe (sitting up, beginning crawling, beginning walking, talking, etc) they have fitful sleep until it passes. Also when they are busier during the day they nurse less, so they make up for their caloric and emotional need to nurse at night.

    Also, if you are concerned its a dairy allergy, it can take up to 2 weeks for all dairy to be out of your system so don't count that out yet. Do you notice any allergy symptoms other than fitful interrupted sleeping?


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      I feel your pain. My little man is also getting up every 2 hours. My husband and I are also sleep deprived. It is starting to affect my ability to cope. I find myself desperate for sleep and wondering if it is safe for me to drive.

      We read the No Cry Sleep Solution. It helped. Then he battled an ear infection and cut three teeth in a week. We tried tylenol and natural tooth tabs. Nothing seemed to help.

      I would like to start over with the No Cry Sleep Solution, but I can't deal with reading right now. Why in the world isn't there a CD with this info. If someone could please recap the info in that book, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't believe I can even comprehend a book with the amount of sleep I have been getting.

      I feel broken.


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        no cry sleep book...

        My son just started this crazy every hour awakening at 9 months..uugghh so sleepy.. ok so here is a recap because I just re-read this book..
        the gentle removal plan
        step 1: go in and nurse put down when eyes close
        step 2: pick up rock try not to nurse..
        step 3: pat try not to pick up
        step 4: key word from door..
        in all of these use your lovey and key word..
        plus don't forget a good bed time routine..
        good luck.. and happy to everyone..


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          Ahhhhh I'm not alone. Thanks. Just knowing that I'm not the only one helps.... It does. But we're all still tired, eh? Well i was thinking about the no cry sleep solution book so thanks for brining that up. To answer another poster - he is six months + (turns 7 months on june 5 so i guess about halfway there). He is still struggling with sitting unsupported but is definitely an active playful baby. I think we might have a bit of delay because he was born 36 weeks 5 days but that aside - yes he is uber active.

          I was wondering if it was mabye a lack of nursing enough during the day - so distracted all the time for the last few weeks. We've just had so many changes over the last two months it's hard to tell where one change ended and another began and which part might've affected him more or less.

          Hugs to all of you that feel my pain!


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            Just wanted to give you hugs

            My 5mo DS USED to be a good sleeper too. Down at 7:30 and wouldn't wake at all until anywhere from 2 to 5am to nurse again. Now, I think he is making up for those 2 months of good sleep. He'll give me about a 3-4 hours stretch and then either STAY awake for 3-5 hours or if I do get him to sleep, he'll wake just a few min later. I can't keep him asleep.

            My DD never slept well really until she was closer to a year, but I just keep telling myself that this IS a stage and while he probably WILL sleep this bad in College, I won't be there and it won't be because of me!