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Moving..Keep crib or buy new bed?

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  • Moving..Keep crib or buy new bed?

    Our son is 2 yrs this past May. We are relocating and I am having anxiety as to how to introduce his new room to him and new 'big' boy bed. It was suggested to wait about a month to introduce the bed as he will need to get acquainted with his new room. Our Master room is much larger and I have thought to put his new bed (or crib) into our room until he gets use to the new house. I am unsure as how to keep him feeling secure with all the changes that are to take place in 2 weeks. Suggestions?

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    I would say do exactly what you have been doing at the old house but have the new choices ready. Go ahead and put the bed in his room and ask him if he wants to lay down in his room tonight, every night. Don't put any pressure on him! Eventually he will be intrigued by the idea, much like my son, but still feel welcome in your bed from time to time.


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      i have a friend who went thru this, i believe their ds was about 3 and when they got to the new house, their ds asked "who is this room for?" when they told him it was his, he ran into their room, grabbed his twin mattress and proceeded to try and drag it into his new room!