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12 mth son waking up at night

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  • 12 mth son waking up at night

    Hi there,
    I have a 12 month old son who sleeps with us. He is walked or breastfed to sleep, and often wakes about 3x in the night. At 11pm, 2am and 5am. At those times I breastfeed him to sleep. If my husband has the energy, he walks him to sleep.

    My son is underweight, and my doctor is concerned that he is not eating enough food during the day due to the night time feedings. He wants us to move our son to his own room, and let him cry to sleep when he awakes at night. The doctor says not to feed him at night.

    Does anyone have suggestions on a more "human" approach to eliminating the night time feedings?

    Thanks in advance!

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    well, I am not a dr, LLL leader or an LC or anything, but to me, it seems that foods you would be feeding instead of bm would probably be LESS fatty, and certainly less nutritious.......because there is no food MORE nutritious than breastmilk! BM is very digestable, and probably is digested by the am and is not the cause for his being 'underweight' and eating less during the day.

    Speaking of that, why does the dr think this?? Has he lost weight or percentiles?? At 12 months my DD was in the 12th% and the dr was not concerned at all, because she was was eating, drinking bm only and very active. Around 12 months they start moving more, so they gain muscle and burn more calories. She said that she was smaller than most babies her age and had dropped from the 25th to the 12th but that was ok as she was meeting milestones and eating. ALSO babies who do not eat crap will weigh less than others, my DD was eating lots of whole grains, beans and fruits and veggies, and had BM to drink only, so of course she would weigh less than a baby who, for example might eat lots of empty calories and sugary foods. My DS ate this same menu, and was always at the opposite end of the chart.

    My DS and DD were both 6lbs, 14 oz at birth. DS shot up right away and was always at the 95th or higher percentile. DD gained weight very slowly and was always on the low end of the chart. At age 2, they were both EXACTLY the same weight, 28lbs!! Babies just gain differently I think and in the end, they all even out.

    If you WANT to move your baby to another room and get him to sleep more, you might try reading No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. If you stil want him in your room, this book also has gentle ways to get your baby to sleep more while in your room and while you are breastfeeding. There is a toddler version as well.

    Good luck!!


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      The dr is concerned because my son started off in 95th percentile and was at below 50% percentile at 6 months. Now is at the lowest part of the chart.

      He looks healthy, and has hit all the milestones (except weight). I'm sure healthy food vs. empty calories is a valid point in his case. Plus he is very active. But my dr. has scared me - indicating not enough calories can impact the brain development......

      I am starting to wean him off breastmilk - as I start work soon, and would like to have another baby as well. We would prefer if our son sleeps with us - think it is too many changes for him to stop breastfeeding, and change him to his own room at the same time. But I can't figure out how to stop his night feeding........

      I'll look up the book you suggested. Thanks!


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        is the dr. using formula charts or BF charts? children on breastmilk should not be compared to those on formula. i'm not big on the charts to begin w/ but if he's going to be using them, at least make sure he's using the right ones!