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    Thank you to everyone. I really appreciate all your wonderful advice! I have yet again another question about nighttime parenting. 2 weeks after my lo was born we moved into a two storey house. I was really excited about it after living in apartments fo 7 yrs. There just been one little problem. Our bedroom is upstairs and our bathroom is downstairs. My lo is still nursing about every 2 hrs and i'm cursed with a chipmunk bladder. Everytime she wakes me I have to go to the washroom after nursing her. She would not stay asleep if i left her in the adult bed and i didn't think it was safe. SO i started bringing her with me downstairs to the washroom. I had a horrible pregnancy and spent the majority of the 9 months on the couch puking my brains out. Therefore not getting much exercise. Going up and down these new stairs (man i missed my elevator!) started causing me a lot of knee pain. But i managed. Until one night when going down the stairs my knee gave out and i slid down the rest of the stairs on my knee caps, tearing all the skin off (luckly my lo wasn't hurt. She didn't even wake up!) But that prompted me to get a single bed and put it in our living room. So my dh is sleeping upstairs and i'm sleeping downstairs It's ok so far because that's where the air conditioner is (downstairs) and we don't have the right sized windows to put one upstairs but when all the heatwaves are done i would like to move upstairs with my dh. any suggestions on how i can do this? Will my lo when she gets older be more comfortable with me leaving her in the bed alone for a few minutes? How do you mom's deal with this issue?? I'm sure it sounds like a stupid question and the only answer i get from family is "That's why she should learn to sleep by herself". So i'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion. Thanks!

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    my 25 month old DS still screams and gets up to follow me if he senses me get up, which he usually older child was able to be comforted in my absense by DH who was in the bed with us not my DS though!!


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      thanks for the ideas! they're great!
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        it seems to me that the sooner you can get her adjusted to getting comfort from dh at nite, the better. your need to pee can't be ignored and if she's comfortable w/dh, you won't have to hurry over the screaming. but even if she does scream, it's not the same as CIO, as she'd be getting comfort from dh.


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          Two thoughts
          Yes, a gentle into into "dad can also provide comfort, even tough we would all know what baby would prefer" might be in order.

          And if I were you I would get an old fashioned pee pot to keep upstairs! I peed in my sons learning potty when I was very pregnant (our only bathroom is upstairs) and I had to go so often I couldn't leave my son and the child I babysit alone for that long! (I would promptly dispose of said pee when able)

          That fall sounds awful! I am glad you are OK.
          Also, an adult bed (just mattress) on the floor eliminates many of the hazards of a child being left alone on it. A roll off of 4 inches (especially on carpet) would be almost nothing. Just think about other creative options!
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