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2yo won't sleep

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  • 2yo won't sleep

    My dd who will be 2 next month has in the past few days been having a hard time going to sleep. as it is she's up 2 hours past the time she normally is asleep. Also, when she is asleep she has bad dreams and cries out in her sleep and tosses and turns. She sleeps right next to me, but that doesn't seem to alleviate her fears. Normally she is pretty easy to put down--rock and nurse to sleep for naps and night, but not this past week. I'm running out of steam, and she won't go to sleep for dh. She just cries and cries for me until my nerves can't handle it and i take over. Anyone else gone through this before? any suggestions or answers to what's going on would be greatly appreciated!

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    My initial reaction was the possibility of a molar coming in or other ailment. She is also getting that vivid imagination that inspires those dreams and night terrors. If you think it could be a tooth and you use Tylenol, maybe you could try it one night. Other then that it might be a short growth period. My almost 9m old is going through something right now also so I am getting no sleep. I feel your pain!