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  • Any thoughts or suggestions....

    I have a one year old who still wakes about every 2 hours at night. Some nights he will wake every hour, some nights he will latch on and not let go without waking up. Except for the couple of times we have traveled to another time zone, he has never slept for more than 3 hours at a time. Although I really enjoy cosleeping and having my son next to me at night, I am wondering if moving him into his own room will allow both us to get more sleep at night. I would love ideas or thoughts about this age and sleeping. Thanks so much.

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    A couple of thoughts
    -although his own room might be nice in a bit, I think a drastic switch without small steps might be too much.
    --maybe offer water instead
    --sleep next to daddy (no milk in his ta tas)
    --put him in a bed (futon on floor, toddler bed) in your room. Nurse him down there and after he wakes up go back and nurse him there, then go back to your own bed.
    ---How does he sleep for nap?

    Let us know how it is going!


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      Hi there! I had similar thoughts myself recently, and then, suddenly, my 19-month-old slept through the night. She's done this maybe 1/3 of the time since then. I think 1 is probably too young for him to be able to do this, but it might be helpful to put him to sleep in his own space but then bring him into your bed whenever he wakes up.

      I totally hear your concerns--there are some nights that I feel really irritated by the nursing and think about nightweaning. But I also think that the nights she nurses the most are nights when she's had a big day and needs some extra TLC. And I am ever so grateful for the benefits of nighttime nursing that allowed me to provide all of her nutrition needs for a really long time despite working well over full time out of the home for the first year of her life.

      Anyways, I've tried to deal with my frustrations with the nighttime sucking by remembering the things I am grateful for and knowing that the day will come when she is ready to stop nursing at night.

      Wishing you a restful night,


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        I tried this when my son was 13 months, he transitioned to a crib fine but continued to wake up 3-4 times a night, which just meant more work for me, having to go to his room and get him, nurse him (with me awake) then put him back in his crib. I tried this for 3-4 months and he just kept waking up that often! He is 26 months and still gets up 1-2 times a night even though he just stopped nursing, I was hoping that when he stopped nursing he would wake up less!! No such luck so far!!


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          Thank you so much for all the input...

          I guess I don't mind so much the waking up a lot at night, what is really getting to me is that I can't move away from my son once he's alseep again. Nine out of 10 times, he wakes up and wants to latch back on. We have a twin bed in our room next to our bed, which is where my son naps. He usually naps really well (just not today)...2-3 hours twice a day (unless we are out running errands). I have often wondered if the difference between naps and nighttime is that I typically don't go into my room once he is asleep for his nap. At night, if I go to bed more than about 30-45 minutes after I lay him down, he immediately wakes up. I know he isn't ready to night wean, and I don't really want to, however I have found myself thinking about it lately. I suppose I should also mention that he is currently trying to cut 2 molars, is working hard on walking, and might even be trying to say some words. SO, I do realize the waking often at night could have something to do with all of those things. Considering this is my first child, I don't really know what to expect...


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            Originally posted by edug8trmom View Post
            what is really getting to me is that I can't move away from my son once he's alseep again.
            Yes, this is what I meant in my post, too. It can be very frustrating, especially when you aren't ready to go to bed yet. Those are the nights I was referring to when I feel so irritated and think about nightweaning (which I, in my more calm moments, have no desire to do). I have the same problem at nap time. I've tried to deal with this by bringing a book with me to read while she's attached, if I don't want to sleep too myself.

            The evenings have gotten better. Every now and then she doesn't want to let me go, but it's much less frequent than before.


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              Putting my son in his own space was successful for two nights...he only woke up 2-3 times rather than 6-8 times, however, since then, we are up about every hour *sigh*. Everyone tells me it will get better...somedays it takes everything in me to trust that.


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                On those times when my son MUST be touching me while he sleeps, I nurse him to sleep in the computer chair or in the living room etc.... and still try to have a normalish night doing other stuff. Sometimes hubby is watching some silly movie rerun and I can give him to him to hold him.
                When my first son was young I could nurse him and still fall asleep. My second son is a different style of nurser, a little rougher, so it is almost impossible to sleep at the same time.
                I do remember them both being bothered by movement a lot so then I put them on another surface nearby (toddler bed) untill I went to sleep. If you purposefully make movement at times, that will be the 'norm' so when you get up you baby may think nothing of it. The same with noise......

                Anyway, just some thoughts. I don't have it totally figured out either. Babies don't care about our long term night schedule goals!
                edug8trmom- how old is your baby?


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                  My son just turned a year. I had tried to purposely not be quiet when he was younger, but he is such a light sleeper that even the door opening in the bedroom wakes him up, so I abandoned the idea so he could sleep. He sleeps with white noise on during the day for his naps so that I can accomplish a few chores around the house while he sleeps.


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                    I've noticed with my son (19m) that he is now sleeping more solidly through the night. For the longest time, I felt the night nursing would NEVER end, and I felt like I was a human pacifier. I was always hesitant to night wean, however, because I was WOHM, and I knew that time was important to him. But, as I said, over the past couple months, the sleep time is more solid, more predictable. There are some nights he doesn't even nurse down anymore, but is simply content to snuggle up in the spoon position.

                    As Adrienne said, it does improve, and especially as your Little One gets closer to a year and a half vs just a year old.