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Does swaddling work for you?

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  • Does swaddling work for you?

    I began swaddling my two month old after she was just a few weeks... we got the idea from Dr. Harvey Karp's book and video "The Happiest Baby on the Block".
    At night, after she has been changed and ready for bed. we put a little Tshirt on her then wrap her snugly in a cotton jersey type swaddle blanket, with her arms against her body. ( In short, a recycled bed sheet). We have a product called "The Miracle Blanket" ( but we like the sheet better. ( quicker wrapping ).

    Maya gets a bit cranky at night and and hard to soothe, so we swaddle her up. Sometimes she settles and starts yawning right away. Sometimes it takes a little more soothing, and usually the answer to that is feeding her.

    This REALLY helps relax her and she sleeps very well with me. The swaddling keeps her arms still and snug, as though being back in the womb.

    Note: She is only swaddled at night to sleep. She sleeps with me undisturbed, then we unwrap her in the morning. and she smiles up at me and stretches her little arms! it is so cute.

    I'm curious to see if it has worked for others.

    I included a photo of Mayasol all decked out in her swaddle.
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    We only swaddled a little because I preferred his skin next to mine after the annoying precautionary NICU stay....(yes, he was just fine) Then at a certain point most babies outgrow the apeal of swaddling--some at 2mo others at 6....
    Although 'shushing''' did seem to be soothing to my second baby.


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      I swaddled both of mine when they were newborns.


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        My daughter absolutely HATED to be swaddled from day 1! She'd fight it and cry and I just didnt pursue it. But then again if you're trying to mimic the womb, that may be why she hated it. My daughter was born by emergency c-section due to her being trussed up by her umblical cord - "wound like a yo-yo" were my OB's exact words!
        Carrie-Anna's mommy


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          My first and my third really needed to be swaddled (3rd still does). My 2nd would have nothing to do with it!


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            My son hated swaddling from the start. He'd fight to have his arms free so he could always have his hands by his face. Lol. Later we connected that the position he likes so much for his hands is how he's positioned in the ultrasound pic.


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              Swaddling was the only way for her to get more than 30 minutes of sleep @ a time when our daughter was younger. We swaddled from about 1-3 months. Then we tried it one day w/out & she slept just fine w/out it, so we stopped using it. I was starting to worry since, it was the beginning of summer, that she was getting too hot. We used a cotton light swaddle, but I still worried about it. In the winter it was very nice because we had fleece swaddlers that were made for swaddling, w/ a pocket for their legs & velcro on the top part to keep it together. We wouldn't have gotten ANY sleep w/out the swaddle. I was sooo exhausted before we figured it out!


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                It worked great for us - we swaddled until about 6 months. We had to find the right size blanket.


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                  First off, your daughter Maya is BEAUTIFUL! I love the photo!

                  Then, to answer your question. Yes, swaddling was critical to my health and well being. It was the only way anyone slept. My dd was swaddled until she was 6mo and my DS was swaddled until he was 4mo.

                  I swaddled from day one. Super tight like a burrito and I used flannel cotton receiving blankets. Usually two of 'em. I did end up liking the larger receiving blankets though...


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                    My DS has always hated not having his hands free but we swaddled him occasionally when he was very small just to calm him if he was over tired. We would leave his hands free though, or he would fight to free them any way.

                    Now days if he's getting aggitated and won't sleep, I tie him up to me with the wrap and he will normally go to sleep then. It holds him in a comfortable positition and it's difficult for him to move his legs, so I guess it's similar to a swaddle.


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                      None of mine were swaddled, but they were all tummy sleepers from day 1 and I don't think they would've been as comfortable not being able to stretch out or curl up, whatever they wanted to do. I've read that some babies really like it though!