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  • Tummy sleeping?

    My 4mo has suddenly decided that he wants to be a tummy sleeper. I'm all for comfortable sleep, but I'm a little concerned because our mattress is not nearly as firm as a crib mattress and I worry that it isn't safe.

    How do you or would you handle this?


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    i believe that once they're able to roll over and/or lift their own heads, suffocation isn't an issue, as long as you keep bedding away from them. i wouldn't know what you'd be able to do about it anyway, b/c as soon as you lay them on their back, they're going to roll if they want to.


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      I've been paranoid over the tummy sleep also, it's the only way my 9wk old will sleep if we set him down. He can lift his head just fine but only half rolls and I keep reading that it increases sids.


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        I never worried about it w/ my 1st 2, on the same thought that PaxMamma had - that once they could roll/lift head we were fine. This one though sleeps with his face really nestled into the bed and SIDS is supposed to peak btwn 4 and 6 mos so I keep worrying that he'll get CO2 poisoning and never wake up to lift his head. I wonder if there's a way to make the bed firmer/less fluffy under his head.


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          I found this on a very mainstream baby info site on a page about SIDS.
          Of course, once babies can roll over consistently — usually around 4 to 7 months — they may choose not to stay on their backs all night long. At this point, it's fine to let babies pick a sleep position on their own.

          So I wouldn't 'force' a baby to sleep on its back if it has the ability to move itself around!


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            Thanks, Naomi! That does make me feel better

            Less than trying to change how he wants to sleep I'm trying to think of ways to make it safer for him to sleep face-down on my bed, which seems to be fluffier than a crib mattress.


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              fluffier than a crib mattress
              on a scale of 1-10 how fluffy?

              hmmm I suppose you could get a new mattress (ha ha)or put firmer surface next to your bed (we have a toddler bed next to ours) . You could put a futon down or something?


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                This is good to know! My lo has started to burry her face in an attempt to get comfy or show her frustration. usually in my breasts but every now and then she'll manage to roll 3/4 of the way onto her stomach and use the matress. She always picks her head up eventually but I was starting to worry!


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                  Thanks for all your help! I thought about it for awhile and realized that my concern was stemming from the quilt-topper mattress pad we have on our bed. I switched it out for the thinner one and no longer worry about his nose being buried! (like, duh. Guess I'm sleep deprived and not thinking swiftly )


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                    All of mine were tummy sleepers from birth, on a pillow top mattress between Daddy and me... I never worried about it because 1: tummy sleeping does not cause SIDS (and it's so rare anyways no mom should lose sleep over it) and 2: they definitely could turn their heads the 1/4 of an inch to get a breath. I always found that all four of mine much much preferred the tummy. Good luck!