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How old when you stopped using a monitor?

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  • How old when you stopped using a monitor?

    How old was your child when you stopped using a monitor?
    I stopped when my son was almost three, and his baby brother was almost born. He seemed to finally be past the roll out of bed, fall down the stairs, wake up disoriented thing. Now he just walks over to our room or calls down if he needs something.
    But I bet that it is different for many families. Yours?

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    We use one from the time Liam goes to bed until the time DH goes to bed since DH is on night time duty and can't hear him downstairs. I stopped using one at nap time when he was around 18 months when I could either hear him when he awoke or he'd open the door and call for me. DH thought we needed to at night while we slept, but Liam's room is right next to ours and I hear him just fine.


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      Ha! My kids are 6 and 3 and we STILL have a monitor.

      Though, it's not in either of the kids' bedrooms. It's in my room. The receiver is by DH's computer. I go to bed way before DH does, so if I need to tell him something, I can just say it, and he can hear me.

      Kind of a cheapo walkie-talkie.

      We stopped using it for the kids as soon as they stopped napping on our bed.


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        mine are 5 and 2 and we still use it. of course, i suppose it depends on the setup of your house, too. we have 3 floors and if we're on the 1st, still like to be aware of what's going on upstairs. my oldest may be old enough to be w/out it, but he still occasionally has nite terrors and doesn't snap out of it enough to call for us or come get us. we go in to him to console him.