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  • Blankets

    Now I know when your co-sleeping it's improtant to have no comforters and extra pillows on your bed. But with the winter months approaching (a lot faster than i care fore) I'm curious to know when is it safe to start sleeping with a quilt?? At what age?

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    Or at what age did you start using a blanket?


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      i can't really remember, sorry! i think the first winter we used blanket sleepers, but after that, regular blankets.


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        My oldest started grabbing onto blankets and demanding to take them with her to bed when she was about 6 months old. She was in her own crib by then (she's always been rather independent). We would swaddle her with the blanket, which appeased her and was still safe. After about 8 months, we used one blanket in the bed w/out swaddling. My 7 week old has to be swaddled or she won't sleep. Apparently my children are blanket kids. Hope that's helpful.


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          huh. Even though my 6 mo old kicks it off we sleep with a thin blanket in the bed. I just dress her to sleep in warm enough jammies to not need blankets. she sleeps up against me, should I not be using a blanket in bed at all? I too am worried about big comforters. She'll be 8 months before we need them though. I'm going to check Dr. Sears site, now I'm concerned. Oh goodness, I'm a paranoid mommy.