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5 yr old still co-sleeping

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  • 5 yr old still co-sleeping

    She shows no signs or interest into moving into her own bed. Does anyone else have experience with older children still co-sleeping? How old have other children been before they moved to their own beds?

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    Is it bothering you?

    I was in the bed until maybe 9ish, then something happened and my parents really had to make me go to my own room, since my mother worked nights and I was in my mothers bed (two singles together)

    Some didn't like it, so I had to go.

    Sometimes there are 2 children and they go to sleep in another bed together. My friend from Portugal slept in a bed with her sister until she moved out for university.

    Co-sleeping is more common than solo sleeping.


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      My kids slept with us on and off "forever"--tho' by High School they really wanted no part of our bed!!! (Maybe just to talk!) By "on and off" I guess we've always had "musical beds". I remember when I was little, sometimes I slept with my Gramma and Grampa, sometimes Gramma came and slept with me,....and this went on at least through the pre-teen years. It's true--cosleeping is more common than solo--and people just don't talk about it!! Jac


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        Not to mention the single people who sleep with cats or dogs LOL

        People just don't like to sleep alone normally, maybe why we get married and put with men?


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          It doesn't really bother us, but she "wants" to have sleep overs with her cousins, yet when we were all together on vacation, she couldn't even fall asleep in their room becuase she was in a bed by herself. I'm not overly concerned at this point, but am concerned a bit that she can't fall asleep on her own or stay asleep on her own for very long (we have carried her into her own bed after falling asleep with us).


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            My 8 y/o son and 4 y/o daughter still sleep with us.
            I was just wondering if I had the oldest co-sleeping child yet SO thanks Poshmama for sharing your experience...
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              My DS has been in his room since he was two. I transitioned him because I was pregnant and really needed my space. Now he sleeps in his night some nights, and other nights in my bed. If you ask him where he wants to sleep he always says with me. I don't mind it too much, but I do need to be in the middle because my DD is a kicker and keeps attacking DS in her sleep!


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                Our oldest daughter did not start sleeping in her bed through the night until she was almost 11. We moved into a new house and just decided to always sleep in her room. It was odd waking up and not having her on our bedroom floor! Our younger two daughters, 5 and 1, both sleep with us and show no signs of moving. I have a feeling they will end up sleeping together in another year or so.


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                  Another momma with older kiddos that cosleep. My two (almost 7 and almost 5) usually fall asleep in their room (that they share) and then partway through the night they join us. Neither child will fall asleep in a room or bed by themselves.

                  When they have a sleepover, everyone sleeps in the same room. If they are going to my parents, they all share the bed. If they are at my sister's house then everyone sleeps in the living room. During a sleepover, perhaps the kiddos can all get sleeping bags on the floor in one room?


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                    I think I have the oldest co sleeper. My daughter is 9, and refuses to sleep alone. It is a problem, b/c 'I have a baby in the bed too, which she squashes sometimes. I truly thought she would wean herself out of our bed. Also I do not think my DD can put herself to sleep by herself. Any ideas?
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                      My oldest daughter slept beside me every night until she was three. Then she began the night in her own room but usually crawled into bed with me for morning mommymilk. That gradually decreased in frequency. Now (age 7) she prefers to have me with her when she falls asleep and occasionally she still crawls into bed with us just before dawn, but she usually sleeps all night in her own bed.

                      My second daughter has been more of an independent sleeper than her sister. (I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that my first daughter was put in a bassinet beside me for several months before I "discovered" co-sleeping, while my second daughter co-slept immediately beside me from day 1. I know there are personality differences too, but I can't help wondering.) Daughter #2, now 4.5, got her own bed at nearly 2.5 and slept in it on her own immediately (after falling asleep to mom or dad reading). She rarely comes into our bed. In fact, I have purposely brought her to bed with me many more times than she has chosen to come on her own.

                      My son, at 21 months, is still co-sleeping of course!

                      I don't think there is anything wrong with co-sleeping at any age if everyone involved is comfortable with it. It does help to have a lot of space. We have a king size bed with a crib attached (one side railing removed).

                      We do a sort of musical beds here. Tonight my daughters fell asleep in our spare bed; neither one is in her room.


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                        Hi everyone.. I am new here. I am the single mom of three boys who have all been co-sleepers. My oldest is now 9, and he still gets in bed with me on a fairly regular basis. At this point we all go to bed in our own beds (I also have 5yr old twins), but usually by morning someone has gotten up and into moms bed. I agree that it is not unusual for children to want to sleep with someone else.. it gets lonely at night! My twins just got there own beds, but again, it is a rare thing to find them still alone in their beds by morning. We also play the musical beds game.. although with less frequency now since we are trying to get into some sort of routine for school.... we will see how that works out! LOL
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                          When Jackie comes home for a visit, she still crawls into bed with her little brother and I. She is 21.

                          For me there is no set age cut off for snuggles at night and comfort.

                          I would rather have them in my bed for comfort than someone else's.

                          (Something I noticed about the teen years with my daughter Jackie and her friends who co-slept comparatively to her other friends from homes that didn't practice night time comforting and parenting.)