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cosleeping w/toddler, preparing for new baby

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  • cosleeping w/toddler, preparing for new baby

    We have a SUPER comfy queen size bed, and don't have the funds right now to purchase a king in the same quality. It's plenty of room for our almost three year old, husband and me, but when the new baby arrives in February we'll be crammed. Has anyone with a queen purchased a comfy twin and box spring of equal height as the queen and pushed them together? is there a way to keep the matresses together to make one bed? is there a sheet large enough to go over the queen and twin to make it look like one big family bed? Thanks in advance for the advice!!

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    We put the baby in a small moses basket in bed with us (and the toddler at first). After a few mos we then got an arms reach co-sleeping bassinet for the baby to sleep in and it's working great! Your idea sounds like it would work as well, good luck!
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      We bought a double and pushed it right up against our queen. The double is a bit lower than the queen but I like it that way as it helps prevent DS accidently rolling into the queen with me and the baby. It's not the one big bed you describe and we've got seperate bedding for each bed but it still feels like we are all pretty close (but not too close ).

      We don't use any box springs, just mattresses on the ground. The mattresses will very slowly creep apart but I just keep an eye on them and push them back when they start to seperate.



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        I was going to recommend a co-sleeping bassinet as well as I think that would bring about more room. You can always put the side down that is made for connecting it right next to the bed (I believe there are safety straps as well that can be tied up underneath the mattress to ensure that it is safely next to the bed without gaps). Hope that helps! We used Arms Reach ***********.
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          Toddler bed.

          We got a toddler bed (no box bed) just mattress like our bed. It is pushed up agenst our bed. We let dc sleep half on and half on our bed.

          The beds do not move apart. Our bed is all wood and heavy. The wooden toddler bed is sandwiched between our bed and a wood dresser.

          Note. Do not put anything on the dresser that can fall off. You don't want it falling on dc.