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  • getting kicked

    It seems that my 4.5 (almost 5) month old won't just lay still nursing for his last meal at bedtime and early in the morning when he wakes up. He now can roll back and forth from side to side on his back, and just loves to roll towards me and kick the dickens out of my stomach. He kicks pretty darn hard too. I've tried putting a pillow in front of my stomach but then he is irritated that he is not flush to me. Then he will start to grasp the skin of my breast till he gets it in his little grip and pinches me with his nails. Im getting beat up over here!

    Anyone deal with a similar situation find a way to get to sleep with
    a little David Beckham scoring goals all night?


    Mrs Pooh

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    We went through the same thing.. at about that age too! And at 11 months still have those moments - now he can really do some damage! I find that having a nursing toy of some sort is a big help as it keeps them distracted. If it only happens at bed time maybe you could introduce a bedtime 'friend' of some sort that you use while nursing (we have this dog 'blankie' that we use just while nursing). And during the day I have a nursing necklace that I keep on... seems to distract for awhile anyway. I think the trick is to find something for the little hands to do, then they are too distracted to bother with the feet. GL.


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      My second baby does exactly the same thing. Sometimes I take the cue that he is not quite ready to sleep. Often we try some unusual nursing postions untill he settles down. I will lay back on a pillow (watching a show on TV!) and baby will sit and nurse. His legs are being used so he cannot kick them. Try something new!


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        I have the same trouble with my lo. She nurses pretty much every two hours all night long so when she wakes up and wants to play instead of nurse, i usually let her kick and get some of that energy out before I attempt to nurse her. Sometimes getting out of bed and nursing her in her usual daytime location helps too. At night time i've discovered I simply cannot nurse her to sleep, unless she's so exhasted that she can't even keep her head up to look around anymore (she's increadible curious so if she can't do this I know she's exhasted!). So I nurse her whatever I can at her bedtime and then place her in my pouch i have a rock her to sleep. Once she's sound alseep (you can tell by her limp limbs) I plop her out the pouch and crawl into bed with her.


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          Well I got a beaded chunky long necklace and that works for the daytime feedings... picking him up and patting his butt seems to help a bit too- he's
          just discovered how versatile his feet are and they are his new favorite toy. Sometimes I just want to just hug him close and keep him from wiggle worming away! Im so blown away by how fast these little people become big people. What an experience!


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            have you tried nursing him to sleep with him sleeping on top of you, on your chest? this seems to help my son stay "organized" and still until he falls asleep. a word of caution, though: they could get hooked on this until they're too heavy to still be sleeping on our chests! i think they like the warmth and hearing our heartbeats....