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    Originally posted by maryjocwheeler View Post
    Hi all,

    I am also glad I stumbled across this site! I'd been to the site before, but hadn't noticed the forums. We're a breastfeeding, babywearing, non-vacc'ing, co-sleeping, etc. etc. family who's feeling a lot of pressure to conform. One of my issues is that of sleep (similar to this thread's topic).

    Unfortunately I have to go back to work in April 2009 when DS will be 11 months old (he is currently 6 months). Since birth (I had him at home), he's been in our bed for nights and naps. The concern is for naps - what will happen when I go back to work?? I also always nurse him to sleep for nighttime and naps since it's so convenient to hop into bed with him and it brings him so much comfort. If we don't cosleep for naps, he naps in whatever carrier I happen to be wearing. DH, DS and I are all fine with this, but again...the pressure/comments/sleep trainers get to me and I start doubting our choices/instincts.

    Can someone please reassure me that things will work out?? OR am I completely out to lunch and should I be doing something to wean him off of the cosleeping/nursing naps??

    I had to go back to work when my daughter was only 3 months old. I was so nervous about how she would acclimate to this change and the fact that it was only 2 days a week of home-based daycare didn't make me feel any better. Only a week before daycare started she STILL refused to take a bottle of breastmilk and would only nurse. By the time I had to go back to work she just took to it! The thing is, they change and mature so much in a month or two. Don't forget that what seems like something he will never adapt to now may be nothing by the time he is 11 months old. Naps were a big concern to me too. I settled on letting the sitter put the baby in a PNP or bassinette for naps as long as she promised to pick her up if she cried. Much to my amazement, she napped there with no problem for the sitter, even though she continued to need to nurse down for naps at home. If the baby had a really bad day, the sitter would wear her in her front carrier, but most of the time, she did fine. I have talked to other moms with similar experiences too.

    I don't think you need to wean him off the cosleeping naps if that is what makes you guys happy. Conscientious attachment parents are bound to feel a pang of doubt with all the conflicting advice we get but I think if you just trust your gut and trust your baby's ability to adapt, you will both do wonderfully.
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      hey there, i had the exact same situation. our ds from birth till 7 months would start his night in his bed that was next to ours, he would nurse once in the middle of the night at 3 and then again at 6 it was a blessing, since age 7 months he will not touch his on matress he nurses every 1-1/2 hours. today he's almost 11 months, we do have better nights now, i have used water in a bottle but it doesnt always work, he wont take a pasifier at all. (he never really wanted one and i don't reallt mind that part) i learned that when a baby hits big changes like teething or crwaling he regresses a little. so i guess its normal. it does get better... i try to sleep during the day when i can, or call family for help.i love nursing but he nurses during the day every 2-3 hours and eats solids although he's not quite into it yet, and nursing during the night. i am feeling the need to cut back a little bit... i'd love to hear more suggestions....