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reducing night feedings

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  • reducing night feedings

    my lo is almost 7 mos old and she still nurses every two hours some nights. other nights i get a little stretch: nurses at 9pm,2am,4am,6am,8am. We are co-sleep so it is easier for me to nurse her, but I'm getting a lot of flack from professionals about how often she nurses, and they're blaming it on co-sleeping. I would however like to reduce it some perhaps maybe 1 a night, or if not possibly 2 a night. So far i've tried giver her a soother, patting her bum. But she just becomes more and more awake when she doesn't get the breast, to the point she compleatly wakes up and starts cry. if i move her she immediatly wakes up. Sometimes she eats a lot, other times hardly anything (hard to say i have a habit of falling back asleep). Any suggestions on other things i can attempt?

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    7 mos. seems pretty young to be night-weaning. Dr. Jay Gordon says night-weaning shouldn't be done before 12 mos here. BF'd babies need to nurse more frequently. professionals may be offering you advice, but it doesn't mean it's correct or that you should follow it. go w/your gut!


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      Your post implies that you don't mind it really
      i have a habit of falling back asleep)
      So why change what is working for you both under the misguided pressure from a health professional. You should still try to do that other stuff a little for your --l o n g--- journey towards eventually night weaning if you wish, but still permit her to nurse after a short attempt.
      Your ped is trying to make it a bad thing that you
      co-sleep and have a GREAT nursing relationship, when the two are related in a positive way!

      I wouldn't let her get to this point--
      to the point she completely wakes up and starts cry.
      Reassess your own motivations towards this... For you? Her? or your pediatrician? Remember its not always necessary to tell the whole truth, if you know what they are going to say
      Sometimes I would rather skip the battle with a doc and only talk about what I WANT his opinion on, not what I know he may not agree with me on.