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  • transition to crib?

    My 5 month-old ds sleeps in my arms, a carrier or in our bed with me. Generally, this works out great but I have some concerns. I have a 17 month-old who makes lots of noise so I'm wondering if it would be better for him to be in another room to get more sleep during the day and also to give me an occasional break. When I've tried this he wakes up almost immediately no matter how much effort I put into a gentle transition. He takes about 4 naps from 20 minutes to an hour then sleeps 10 hours at night, but it's difficult for him to unwind at the end of the day.

    How does this work? Am I doing him a disservice by not allowing him to learn to sleep on his own? I remember reading that there's a window between four and six months after which it can be a difficult transition. I don't want to abandon cosleeping but I don't think I can hold him for every nap indefinitely...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    i've never heard of such a "window". and surely, if you keep doing the things the way you are, he WILL sleep on his own. you won't be holding him in a carrier when he's 10

    i just want to clarify your question, though. are you talking about a crib just for naps or nighttime, too?


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      Thanks for your response! I'm mostly interested in getting him to nap alone occasionally during the days. I'm not sure if I need to work on this every day to get it to happen. My other concern was whether he needs to learn to fall asleep on his own from a drowsy state.

      In the past few weeks, he seems to be getting more dependent on having a nipple in his mouth to stay sleeping; he looks for it when he starts to rouse. If he finds it, he goes back to sleep, but otherwise wakes up and cries. I see from some of the other posts that I might not be the only one with this problem so I'll keep reading to see if I find a solution to that one!


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        so, he sleeps 10 hours a nite, plus potentially 4 one hour naps a day? wow! he's quite the sleeper! i guess that if you do eventually want him to take naps on his own so that you can spend time w/your other child, then you could try putting him down. what i did w/my oldest was lay down on the bed and nurse to sleep, then get up once he was asleep. my 2nd never nursed to sleep, so i would just lay w/him until he fell asleep and then got up. in both cases, i was the one moving, not trying to get a sleeping babe out of a carrier, change positions from upright, to laying down, etc. i'm not sure how this would work for you since you have a 17 mo. old.

        if he wakes after nursing, it could be that he wasn't all that tired. you could try getting him to take just two naps a day, morning and afternoon, if you think that would help him stay asleep longer.