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  • Keeping her safe

    I recently moved back into my queen bed with my dh (i'd been sleeping in a twin bed with me dd up until now). I know that to keep her safe she needs to sleep between me and the guardrail. however she won't let me roll to my back, or to my other side. She wants me to sleep on my side so she can snuggle into my breast. After laying on the same side all night i'm in agony. How can I make it safe for me to roll to the other side of me (keeping her between dh and myself)? I thought about rolling up a blanket as it would create a barrier between us and dh, but i wasn't sure if that was safe as i know the recommend no bumper pad on there crib. How did you other parents deal with this??

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    i am asking for specific clarification from HQ on the safe sleep guidelines and will get back to you as soon as i hear. but, if your baby is able to lift her own head and move on her own, then suffocation from a bumper would not be an issue.


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      sleeping in the middle

      Unfortunately, the research is not really clear on this issue. I know many people who use a rolled up blanket or a very firm pillow for this type of thing, and there's also a great sleeping pad made by Humanity Organics that could be used this way, or used the other way to keep baby from falling out of bed if she sleeps on the outside (

      I agree that if she's older than 6 months old and can roll over, lift her head, etc., the risks associated with being in the middle (that papa might roll over on her or that she might get smothered by pillows and blankets) are less than with a tiny infant, but some sort of barrier between baby and daddy would probably provide more safety. Also watch overheating, which can be a contributing factor to SIDS. I know my littlest one would get really warm if she was between us and therefore under the covers, and always seemed to sleep more comfortably on the outside with no blankets. A fan in the room and keeping the heat at a lower level (UNICEF recommends below 64 degrees!! Brrrr!) would help with that too.

      Best of luck! It's such a journey to find the best way to sleep as a family and just when you get something figured out, it will change (at least it did for us!).