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  • Rocking Baby to Sleep

    I just need some reassurance... I rock my 9 month old son to sleep every night. Lately I've been falling asleep with him. I'll usually wake up and put him in his crib after about half an hour or an hour. I swear he sleeps better (I hear him wake up less often) on nights I do this. He's always been a great nighttime sleeper but I've always tried to parent him to sleep. I've never co-slept and I don't breastfeed.

    I keep reading things that say that this is the time you want them to learn to put themself to sleep, and this is the time to start putting them in their crib not fully asleep. I understand you need to let them learn to self-soothe, but he always self-soothes in the middle of the night and he very rarely wakes up to where he needs me to help him get back to sleep.

    I just need some reassurance that it is okay to keep doing this for him. I really feel like rocking him every night is what he needs and the extra cuddles he gets at this time is good for him. What are your thoughts?

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    I think what you're doing is great and I wouldn't change a thing!


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      I'm an avid rocker here myself. (Don't have a clue what I would do w/o my glider rocker...) I also do not bedshare and have my son (10mo) in a crib in our room. Rocking is the last part of our night time routine.

      I say, if what you are doing works for you and for your little one, don't mess w/ it. If you begin to resent the length of time it takes to put him to sleep, you can try cutting back on the rocking and put him down a tad more awake (not in a deep sleep, but maybe eyes have been closed for a couple of minutes). But honestly, if you are okay with how things are going, don't worry about it.

      Your baby is only going to be a baby for a short while. Enjoy these cuddles while you can get them!


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        My mom cradle my baby brother to sleep. If in case my mom is not around, then I rock my brother to sleep


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          I think you're doing great!! I don't buy the notion that babies need to be put down awake in order to learn to sooth themselves to sleep. kind of different, but I hear the same thing about nursing to sleep but my experience has been that they DO learn to go to sleep on their own when they're ready! I BFed my oldest to sleep past the age of 4 and he transitioned to soothing himself to sleep without a hitch when it was time. I've also always BFed my 3yo to sleep and he is now perfectly capable of going to sleep without the breast.

          The way I see it, it's a maturity issue: they'll soothe themselves to sleep when they are mature enough to do so and pushing them before they're ready doesn't hasten the process. Plus, they're only little for such a short time, why waste it by putting them down? We shoudl cuddle them as much as we can while we have the chance!


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            I rock my 2 1/2 yo to sleep every night, with no plans to stop any time soon. If he doesn't fall asleep in the rocker, I lay down with him in his bed until he falls asleep. He spends the first part of his night in his own bed, wakes up around midnight and gets in bed with me. He's so warm and cuddly, it's great!
            My problem is that we're expecting another in May, and I'd like to rock them both but not sure how it will work logistically. I'm sure we'll get it figured out, but I am going to rock Sam to sleep until....