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American Baby disgusting!!!

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  • American Baby disgusting!!!

    I recently picked up a copy of American Baby while waiting in line and read part of an article on how to sleep well with a new baby in the house. I almost started crying and screaming simultaneously! They actually put in print that many parents find it helpful to put the baby's room on a different floor of the house so that they only awaken when the baby's screams are so loud that they know it's important. I could not believe the irresponsibility of this sick magazine encouraging such a practice. Almost no consideration at all was given to co-sleeping and in a Q and A they told a new mom that 2 months is more than old enough to be moved out of mommy and daddy's room and put alone in the crib!!!! So, I have sent e-mails letting them hear about a different side of the issue and letting them know that I found the article offensive and one sided not to mention irresponsible and inhumane. I just wanted to encourage anyone else to check it out and do the same. Maybe these people are just disgustingly ignorant and they need some good parents to let them in on some worthwhile sleep solutions.

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    that's terrible! i had to quit reading those type of mainstream mags a long time ago b/c i was getting so angry! it's unfortunate that this type of advice is so mainstream. that's why the work of API is so important and timely.


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      Ugg. I know just what you mean. I think that is great that you wrote those letters. More people should respond with disgust at that recommendation, and actually let them know the research and alternatives.
      The saddest thing about that is the general populous (who reads those magazines) is again told to be unresponsive to children, giving 'permission' to ignore their children's emotional and physical safety at night.
      What you said was offered as a solution in that magazine is not REALLY a solution. It is a false treatise on the importance of the parent-child relationship.

      Lets continue our work for API Everyone..Spread the word.


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        Oh that is awful! I am on their list (some how I got it for free). My DH and I enjoy making fun of how ridiculously bad their advice is.