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How dare you!! (longing for others like me.....)

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  • How dare you!! (longing for others like me.....)

    my ds is 16m. We've been doing the family bed thing since he was two weeks old. I've never slept better. I even had to go back to work so I know this is the best thing. I'm the only mom that sleeps at night. The other day at work, a new mom asked me if it gets better....the sleep thing. I said well we share a bed and it works for us. We all sleep real good and we are doing great. She responded (we both work in healthcare) "oh I can't do that....I've seen too many babies with encephalopathy and asphyxia". What a stab!! We are both educated women, and boy I would never do anything harmful to my son. How dare her! I didn't say how can you leave your baby to cry all alone in his room....cry and cry not quickly responding to his basic needs!!!!!!! I just hate that. I long to be, talk and surround my self with others that believe in what my husband do.

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    bfly62907--- Ugg I can totally empathise! Its too sad that people who work in health care are often the most uneducated in healthy things such as breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Is sad that she felt a need to attack your choice by implying you were in some way endangering your child. She should really look at the research by Dr. McKenna
    But honestly, it sounds like she is only interested in complaining about being a mother, not sharing information or a real discussion.


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      I had a nurse tell me it wasn't safe and start with the I have seen and I have had patients and I said if you are going to slander me as a parent, please make sure you have a list of those patients handy so that if we go to court you can back up your statements.

      Now how about go attack some smokers who are really doing harm to their babies by smoking around them or smoking in areas designated for our children. No, of course you wont because that apparently is acceptable, even though it is the leading cause of SIDS and childhood illness. Legal murder and child abuse and I don't see anyone doing anything about that?

      These anti co-sleeping campaigns are horrible. Yes there are families who co-sleep unsafely after using drugs, script or illegal and alcohol and then the entire co-sleeping community is attacked. Are we that blind in this day and age to see that it is a xenophobic response? (Which is why I have trouble with entire country boycotts when it is one or two companies making a mistake)

      How about the children of smokers who die in their sleep or have chronic illness. Where are the doctors and nurses reporting or complaining about this on a legal level? How about spending even half of the money they spend on the anti cosleeping campaigns to make our children safe from something they know kills? Make our parks and playgrounds smoke free. Make childrens homes smoke free. As long as their is money being made, it is the parents and publics right to harm their and our children.

      Saw a family in a car with the windows rolled up and a newborn in a car seat all safe and tucked in and parents puffing away yesterday. I had cranky response.


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        The cloaked judgment/condemnation statements drive me insane too! My relatives who are in healthcare are the worst too. I think they see more than the average person does - and are trained to think "worst case scenario"

        I agree w/ you - I would NEVER harm my child and I can't believe that people can't give us the benefit of the doubt.


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          i am glad i'm not alone! i keep thinking about giving the lady some info for her to read. i can't look at her. i'm still mad. anyhoo....good to know i am not the only one that realizes i am an intelligent person. ap parents are usually educated in what they are doing. h e l l o!!
          thanks again.