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What I Miss About CoSleeping

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  • What I Miss About CoSleeping

    my boys, now 5 and 2, have recently started sleeping together, on their own, in their own room. i've taken this transition w/mixed emotions. it's exciting to see your children grow and feel confident enough to do things independently, but i'm sad that this part of our lives is over. (well, not completely over, they have an open invitation into our bed and just last nite took advantage of it!)

    i miss their warm bodies, even the occasional kick in the eye . i think what i miss the most, though, is the breathing noises, rolling over in the middle of the nite, coming nose-to-nose w/a sleeping angel.

    what do you, or will you, miss the most about cosleeping?

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    I don't miss it! I still do it!
    Such cuddly boys!


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      My kids are older, 7 and 5, and we still cosleep but not everynight and not always in the same bed (sometimes just the same room). What I miss most is what you mentioned, rolling over and being nose-to-nose with the most precious and loving angels. After a stressful day, I could always count on cosleeping to rejuvenate me. Not that parenting is always stressful - but you know, everyone has *those* kind of days.


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        the baby is next to me now, but i miss my toddler funny enough I don't miss dh


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          Originally posted by PoshMama View Post
          the baby is next to me now, but i miss my toddler funny enough I don't miss dh
          LOL re: dh


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            It is funny but normal I guess, mothers are programmed to want to sleep near their babies