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  • nursing, napping & nipples

    ds just turned 6 months and I have many, many questions about his sleep schedule. I don't know how to separate the questions because they are inter-related so forgive this long message.

    ds either falls asleep nursing or in a carrier and tends to just take cat naps during the day, from 20 minutes up to an hour. The only way he'll sleep longer is if he's got my nipple in his mouth, and I swear he'd sleep forever with it :-) I don't mind this but sometimes would like to be able to leave him sleeping to get a few things done. even finding time to type this message has taken me days. as a side note, he sleeps really well at night (with me), just waking a few times to nurse but going right back. so here are the questions:

    1) are cat naps bad? do babies need longer naps? should I try to control the environment to keep him sleeping longer?

    2) when nursing lying down, where does your arm go? i've heard that babies heads should be elevated when nursing to prevent ear infections so I usually have his head on my arm, but then it's very difficult to disengage. Honestly, I love being all curled up with him when nursing, and it's nice to nap for a few minutes myself, but then it takes forever to disentangle if I want to get up.

    3) what, if anything, should I do about that nipple association? someone mentioned that this topic had been covered extensively on this forum, but I haven't found it. probably because even when ds is asleep, my arm is always stuck under his head :-)

    Thanks so much for any advice!


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    Hi Joy! Great questions!

    Let me say that with both my children, being able to nurse while on the computer has been a godsend for our nursing relationship. For typing, I can peck with one hand pretty good and read pages fine, In fact right now, as I type this; I am nursing my 13m old baby who has a runny nose. He has been nursing so much with this cold and its driving me a little batty, but I can keep it up while I use the computer to get some things done and not focus on how tired I am of nursing at this moment!

    Thread on- Continuous Nursing

    Feeling Frustrated with Night Waking thread

    Six mo old getting enough naps?

    There is more, make sure the ones later then just this month are

    Regarding sleeping and nursing:

    Nursing Laying Down

    Lactation yoga
    ...or side-lying nursing without getting up to switch sides

    I'm going to go ahead and post this (and try to lay my now sleeping baby down) I'll try to revisit your questions later


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      Oh my there are some cute pictures on that "nursing lying down" link. And, oh my god my baby is growing up! I may not have too much longer left to nurse her!

      But anyways, enough about me! Here's a link to kellymom about how nursing lying down does not cause ear infections:

      And here's a chiropractor's opinion on letting your baby sleep on your arm. It is the fitfth question from the top called "Sleeping with arm under baby's neck".



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        Good links Jessica,
        I am nursing the baby again so are still just hunting and pecking......

        by the way
        I have nursed both my boys flat on the bed at night and naps (not supported on my arm) and neither of them ever has had an ear infection (well the oldest did earlier this year, but he dosn't nurse anymore)


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          Naomi & Jessica,

          Thanks so much for the links! It's good to know that "supporting" baby's head can actually be bad for him. This morning I successfully escaped :-) after nursing ds in bed and dh was able to watch him while he napped alone for another hour! Not having an arm under him definitely made it easier.

          I've been doing some additional reading on the chiropractor's page. There's some scary stuff there, especially regarding babywearing. I've been trying to learn as much as possible but there really out to be more info disseminated to expectant and new moms about how to babywear, impact of strollers, walkers, etc. I feel that this is as important as breastfeeding, but the info is less readily available. So much to read, so little time, but I'm happy for what I've learned so far!

          Thanks again!