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    I have a wonderful 9 month old daughter, who is increadible curious and loves to explore. For the last 9 months she has taken all of her naps in a wrap and slept with us during the night. However she's becoming more and more sensitive to her environment. She stops sleeping if i change it from white noise to oprah, get up from the rocker to check the internet, or even run to the loo. I want to start her sleeping upon a crib matress in the living room (I would put her upstairs but there is no heat going up there during the day, the wood stove only heats the first floor). I'm not sure how well she'll do blocking out the sounds in the livingroom but i think it's worth a try (at least i could sit in a different chair or move quitely about in another room). How did you other mom's help your baby adjust to a matress from a wrap (sling, pouch etc). Did you wrap first that lay down? Did you just nurse down? Tell me about your experience switching. How did you help your little one learn (i have no intentnion of forcing her) self soothing techniqes to help themselves go back to sleep when a noise awoke them?? Any ideas welcome! thank you

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    Mine never liked to sleep in his sling, so I don't really have any experience with that exactly, BUT my son was VERY sensitive to being moved in his sleep or to changes in sound, etc. when he was younger. Sooo... here's my suggestion -

    I would lie down with her to get her to sleep - if she's that sensitive, trying to lie her down once she's out is going to backfire on you! I would also put on some sort of white noise machine before you lie down with her so that maybe it will block out some of the noise. Once she's asleep, you can ease away and hopefully go about your business!

    ETA: As far as self-soothing, my son started to develop that to some degree on his own around 12-15 months... We have a video monitor and now I will hear him wimper a little or see him change positions but then quiet right back down and go to sleep. I honestly would have no idea how to "teach" that... sorry - no help on that front!
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      I still hold or wear my DS (13 mo) for a lot of his naps, but I can put him down if I wait until he's in a deeper sleep. Have you ever tried that? It may or may not work.. but worth a try. I can tell when he's reached that deeper sleep stage, usually about 20 min. in for him. At 40 min, he's in a light sleep and sometimes wakes up, etc. I've become kind of acquainted with his sleep cycle. To be honest, I may not *have* to hold him for his naps, but I'm often too tired myself to try to find out and I welcome the break and I am hesistant to put him down because -sometimes- he sleeps a shorter time if I transfer him. But sometimes I do need to do something, so I transfer him. Good luck with experimenting with it!