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help baby won't sleep anywhere but on his stomach on top of my chest

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  • help baby won't sleep anywhere but on his stomach on top of my chest

    My baby is 5 weeks old and I just can't get him to sleep at night. During the day he's in the baby bjorn for most of the day and usually falls alseep within a few minutes of being in there. He'll wake up for feedings and also wakes up the minute he's out of the carrier. if I put him down anywhere he'll start crying. If i try to sit on the couch and hold him he'll start crying within minutes. It seems like he needs to be in constant motion...which then puts him to sleep. But I don't have a choice its either have him crying or have him sleeping. So by the end of the day I'm exhausted from being on my feet all day dancing around with my baby and all I want to do is sleep. Now i've tryed puting him in the bassinet beside the bed and also having him in the bed with me and he'll just start crying within 5 minutes of being put down. He'll even cry if I'm right there beside him with my arms around him it doesn't seem to make a difference. But once i put on his tummy lying on my chest he'll fall fast asleep! Sometimes i'm just so exhausted I just have to let him sleep like that so I can get some sleep, I just don't know what else to do. I know this is really dangerous to let him sleep on his stomach like that, and probably even worst to be on his stomach ontop on me. I'm really not into letting him cry himslef to sleep in his bassinet or even in the bed beside me. Has anyone else had a similar problem?? Or any ideas on getting him to sleep without being on me??

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    Friends of mine had a similar sounding baby sleepwise. She would ONLY sleep on their chests. I don't know many of the details but she did grow out of it. I'm not sure how long the phase lasted but I think it was a few months at the longest.

    I'm not sure of the safety of this kind of sleeping. But it is definitely a no no on a couch or an armchair. Perhaps one the moderators can let us know how safe this is in a bed following safe sleep guidelines.

    Sorry I coudn't be more helpful,


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      I'm not so concerned with rolling over or something like that in my sleep, I'm quite aware that he's on me even in my sleep and I do lay right in the middle of the queen sized bed in case he were to roll off me, but I also keep my arms on him so he won't go anywhere. I'm more worried about SIDS and him not being on his back on a firm flat surface.


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        i had a friend who slept like this for months, so wasn't the co-sleeping type either.

        I know when DS liked this I would wear him in a mei tai or sling the recline in the arm chair, I could nap knowing he couldn't fall off.

        as far as SIDS, many babies while breastfeeding sleep on their sides, I know my own babies rolled onto their sides from birth, my first I kept trying to roll back but soon gave up

        There is no perfect answer, as you know sids often happens even when babies are in a cot on their back, which is what is advised.

        If YOU feel comfortable I'd follow your mama instinct. You can try rolling on to your side, so your both tummy to tummy after baby is sound asleep.


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          Hello Drakes Mommy,

          What you describe (about your infant preferring to lay on you to sleep) is very common and I think a lot of us here have had an infant like that!

          Here is a link to Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants by by Dr. McKenna who is an advocate of sleep sharing and its benefits for the infant. He is a bit on the conservative side of that of course, being a researcher, so please read his information with an open, calm mind. Only you can determine how comfortable you feel with the situation. With that said, laying like that in a bed and slowly inching her over to a side-lying position (over a few nights) might be the best method of transition for you both.

          Keep trying this new way of sleeping. When she gets upset, go back to her preferred position, than later when she moves or you awaken a bit, inch her over gently. Think of it as practices, not failures!

          Here is a nursing laying down informational link...

          Here is another thread that might have some ideas for you!

          Congrats on that baby! Have you found a local community of parents yet?


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            yep, i've spent many nights in this position. i would often put ds2 in my sling and sleep on our bed propped a bit on pillows. he also refused to sleep on his back. if your baby is sleeping on you, or next to you, SIDS is reduced, b/c if they quit breathing, you will know! if they were in a bed in another room, you wouldn't have a clue.

            so don't give a thought to the danger issue, just use common sense. if your baby is telling you he can't sleep on his back, listen to him. the constant motion, though, combined with the aversion to being on his back, or laid down, makes me think there could be some reflux, or food-related issues. talk to your pediatrician about that.


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              Thanks for the advise everyone. I think I may have found a solution to my problem although I am questioning if it's the right one. The other night I let him fall asleep on my chest like usual and after about 15 minutes I rolled him off onto his back beside me. Then after a few minutes he started fussing like usual. Usually at this point I try to talk to him, touch him ect. while he's lying there all without any luck the I end up picking him back up. So this time I put my pinky in his mouth to see if he wanted to suck ( he had been acting like he wanted to nurse constantly like ususl but everytime i put him on the breast he pulls off with milk dripping all over him. it's like he wants to suck but not eat and gets reallly upset when the milk comes out. If i keep trying to get him to latch back on he starts crying) but anyways he latched right onto my finger and started sucking and instintly calmed right down. Within minutes he was asleep and i pulled my finger out after about 10 minutes. He then continued to sleep for the next 5 hours! Now I know pacifiers shouldn't be used in a "transition" I'm guessing this means like when putting baby to sleep....but does my pinky count as a pacifier? And its not that I'm trying to use it rather that other means of comforting, nothing else seems to comfort him in the situation. I would use my breast instead but he doesn't want that. And he does still wake up and feed just fine when he's hungry, then when he's done I lay him down, put my pinky in his mouth and he's out. I just find it so stressful wondering if everything I'm doing with him is the right thing or not sometimes I think I should just stop reading things altogether because it makes me so anxious!


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                i'm going to get clarification on the "transition" wording, but as w/everything else, follow your instincts! if you have discovered what helps your baby, let that be a building block in your confidence that you are the best mama for your baby. trust yourself to make the right decision, and your baby will trust you, too!


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                  I think a pinky is fine..... Its still you, not a person substitute like a paci.

                  It seems you have a strong let down reflex and that is what he responded unfavourably to.

                  That sound like a good solution for the present!


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                    have you seen this?


                    some babies need to suck, if you have over supply your breast might not work, block feeding may help but I don't see why a soother is a no no, it depends on why and how you do it.

                    There is no mothering awards, if you use a bouncer you don't get a penalty, a soother used while mum is there if the breast doesnt "sooth" which happens sometimes is very different to a breast replacement cause mum doesnt want to be bothered feeding

                    Try a few things and see what works, sometimes spraying into a towel can work too, tons of stuff to try


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                      okay, here's a little clarification on what it means to use a pacifier or bottle as a "transitional object". The transitional object that is referred to in the Feed with Love and Respect Principle would be an object that a child uses for self-soothing, finds comfort from and attaches to, in place of the mother(or other caregiver)-child bond. an example from PoshMama: if your toddler wants a soother you give it, don't use it if they actually want to nurse and you're too busy and don't feel like stopping so you say "here have this".


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                        My LO was very similar when he was really little... he grew out of the constant motion thing at about 6 months I think.

                        We found that a hammock was our LIFE SAVER! Whenever we were up and about we would wear him and as you say he would sleep away happy as Larry.... but its just simply impossible to be moving 24/7. We got a hammock with a portable base and an over the door hanger too. We kept the base in the living room next to the couch and the door one was used when I was cooking or taking a shower. Because they bounce and sway he still got the movement thing happening. It didnt solve the problem as he did still much prefer to be held close. But swaddling him and placing him in the hammock were little moments of calm in the day when we were tearing our hair out.

                        It does get better. Hang in there. You are doing a great job.


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                          I thought it was the motion that wasn't letting my little one sleep anywhere but on my chest or in his swing but my pediatrician thought that it was the angle that he liked. Babies don't really like laying flat. So I tried the Nap Nanny and this was really one of the best things that I have ever bought my little Bobby. He sleeps right through the night and used to only sleep for 2 hours at night. I didn't ever imagine that one product could make such a difference. So many of my Mommy friends have had the same success! It's worth every cent.