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  • Family Bed With Multiple Children

    We have a family bed with our two young sons, I am looking for advice from anyone who has had a family bed with multiple children regarding how you dealt with night waking and bed sharing. Our sons are 17 months and 3 weeks old. My 3 week old does not cry in the night so that is not an issue, but my toddler still and always has been a night waker. I am really just looking for anyone's experience with multiple kids in the bed and what worked for you.

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    Congrats on your new baby!

    Here is a previous thread on the same topic

    Pleas feel free to keep asking questions!

    I am putting my baby to sleep now...


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      We have 3 in bed with us & # 4 is due in April.

      We have a king size mattress on floor, then right up against king is 2 twin mattresses stacked on top of each other to be same height as king. Our sleep order is: (on king) DS1 4yrs, daddy, DD 3 yrs, (in twin) 10 month old & me.

      DS1 & DD both snuggle, one on each arm, to my DH to go to sleep & I nurse & sleep w/ baby on my side. DH takes care of what 2 older kiddos need during getting to sleep & if anything arises in middle of night. I take care of baby (DH doesn't have any breastmilk, lol) unless I can't get him asleep DH can take DS2 if other 2 are asleep. If they are not then I take DS2 until DH can "escape" when LOs are asleep to help me.

      Not sure how new baby will fit into our bed as I am crampped on twin w/ just DS2 & me, lol! Still working on plan.

      Kinda side note: When DD was born we co-slept from birth but didn't bring DS1 in bed w/ us until he was 18 months, (felt part of our family was missing in crib in different room), & DD was 6 months. Let me tell you it was HORRIBLE going between both when DS1 in crib those 6 months, nursing one while other screamed for me, until both finally fell asleep! When we brought DS1 in bed w/ us it was such a BLESSING! I kept DD on outer side of bed, then me, then DS1 then DH. It worked great for us. I could either nurse both at once or nurse DD until asleep then roll over & nurse DS1. DD didn't wake up b/c I never left bed & she could feel & smell my presence & DS1 was willing to wait for his turn to nurse b/c he was just so happy to be in bed w/ us instead of alone.

      I never knew how things would work out for us, like w/ new baby this time, but it seems like you find your own rhythm & it just works out some how. Although our GROWING family bed keeps getting SMALLER LOL!
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