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New here with some co-sleeping questions.

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  • New here with some co-sleeping questions.

    Hi there. my name is Stefanie and I have 2 daughters ages 4 years and 7 months(born june 10th 08)
    I currently co-sleep with my youngest and also swaddle her. now my question is, is it safe to swaddle them at this age while still co-sleeping? I mean i know if I dont swaddle her when shes in bed with us or shes picking and poking at my face of dh's back (hehe) I myself am a VERY light sleeper so whatever move or peep she makes I wake up.
    I dont nurse. I bottle nurse. so I am up in the night if she needs to eat. I did nurse for the first 3 months but my milk had sadly dryed up and when I was nursing I was afraid to nurse her in bed with thoughts i would fall to sleep and roll on her. you know what I mean?
    anyways what was my question if it is ok to swaddle while co-sleeping. she does sleep in her crib and I swaddle her in there and I feel more safe with her swaddled because I know she cant pull blankets up and what-not and if I dont swaddle her she wont sleep.

    Thank you in advance. and I look forward to getting to know all of you ladies.


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    One of the reasons co-sleeping is great is because the mother or father is very aware of all that the baby is doing...even when they are sleeping. So with that in mind it shouldn't matter if they are swaddled or not.
    A breastfeeding mother is said to have more of an awareness of their co-sleeping baby, but your baby is older and (by reading your post) you seem very aware of her safety.
    I think you should be fine! Try not to overdress your swaddled baby if she will be under covers a bit too.

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