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Current Sleep Situation Not Working

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  • Current Sleep Situation Not Working

    Hi, I have been on before, and we worked out our problems from that time, but I think my daughter has been trying to tell me that the current method is not working for her.
    Current sleep pattern #1:
    wake 7a
    nap 11 -1
    bed routine starts 645ish
    -sometimes nurses to sleep, sometimes will stop nursing and quietly work on going to sleep; other times it is a battle for her to settle down and we end fighting until she finally gives in

    Sleep pattern #2:
    wake 7
    nap in car @ 10
    nap 3-5
    bed routine starts 730
    -same as before but she is so tired by time we get to book she is crying and we just skip it and go straight to nursing and out she goes.

    So my problems are:
    1) she appears to need 2 naps or is transitioning to one nap, but wont go down for the first one at home, only in the do i help the transition so she will only take the one nap?
    2) her night time routine is not working for her any more...the nursing to sleep doesnt seem to cut it any more...any suggestions on getting her to settle better?
    3) would like to put her in bed and get her to go to sleep for nap without nursing so i can leave her for the day with hubby

    15 mo, cosleep, breastfeed on demand, bed time routine in place for 7 mos, not teething bc otherwise she would be up more in middle of night

    I hope I included as much info as people need to help me get a solution soon. We have used No Cry Sleep solution and will try to reference that the next time she gives me a minute.

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    although every child is different, most are down to one nap by this time. just b/c the car lulls her to sleep, doesn't mean she needs the morning nap. the car does the same thing to me!

    for helping to settle at nite: is she getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine? getting outdoors can really help better settling. has she mastered other milestones like walking, jumping, etc. that can lead to difficulty settling at nite. i remember when mine learned to clap, they were constantly trying to clap instead of sleep!

    for help w/dh: does he participate in daytime nap and nighttime sleep rituals?


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      I am lucky if my husband gets home before I go to bed, so it is just me.

      As for running her around, I try my hardest to tire her out during the day, but getting outside when it is 20 degrees outside really doesnt work all that well. There are some nights where if I just hold her still she falls asleep, I just dont want to restrain her physically like just dosent feel right.

      I just got back from getting her down, and I am so frustrated. I was actually crying at one point. She wants to nurse, but it is getting to the point it is uncomfortable after say 20 min. But then she just refuses to settle, and crawls around the bed kicking me, or hitting my head. Then I get mad and she gets apologetic and gives me kisses. I wish she would just lie down and go to sleep. Why can't she just go to sleep?


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        My Lo is 15 months too and is very similar. He still WANTS to feed to sleep but it just doesnt seem to do the trick anymore.

        One thing that we have started to do that is *just* starting to work is while I have been feeding him I have introduced another form of loving/attention. I rub his back. Now when he is obviously tired but just not dropping off with the feed he will lay down and let me just rub his back. He will usually fall asleep like this.

        I will be interested in seeing what everyone else says. I am also hoping to get him to go to sleep more independently. Although in saying that you will probably find that your LO will go to bed just fine for your husband. DS will go to sleep with my DH without a feed...... I would never get away with that!!!!!!

        GL, hope you find something that works for you!


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          Originally posted by mamaskees View Post
          Why can't she just go to sleep?
          oh, i have asked that question soooo many times. if what you're doing isn't working, stop. if it's been twenty minutes, take a break from trying to get her to sleep. i'm wondering what would happen if you just laid down next to her, perfectly still, relaxed, and closed your eyes as if you were sleeping. would she lay down next to you?