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For the experienced moms - does the all night nursing ever end?

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  • For the experienced moms - does the all night nursing ever end?

    I know there are many posts about this and a lot of sleep deprived moms out there.

    So I'm going to ask the experienced moms who did go through this -

    when does it end????

    What did you do, if anything, to aid the process?

    Just wondering if there is light at the end of the sleepless tunnel?

    I'm really losing the battle with DH that cosleeping is the way to go when no one is getting much sleep.....

    just need some reassurance that I'm fighting a battle worth fighting.

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    s oh, mamma! i so deeply recall those days! but, i promise you, it DOES end! there are varying times for varying children, but i can guarantee you it will be over before they get to high school

    my personal experience: ds1 nursed all night until close to 20 months. he's now 5 1/2 and sleeps like a rock for about 10 hours. ds2 quit nursing at night at 11 months, but continued to wake all night long until after he turned 2. most nights, he still wakes at least once a night at 32 months.

    hang in there! you're doing the best you can for your family. your DO will be all the better for it.


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      I have a 21mo DS. It comes and goes. During growth spurts, he still nurses all night long and I can barely shift position. Other nights, he doesn't nurse until daylight creeps through the blinds.

      I just take it one day at a time and make sure I go out for coffee when I'm crankier than is fair.

      Right now, he's sleeping between us, peacefully. He had a dreamnursing about 20 minutes ago, so I'm still settling myself down.


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        My DD just started sleeping through the night at 23 months. She is sleeping in her own bed for a good 10-12 hours a night. I had hoped to make it work while still doing some cosleeping but I couldn't make it work. If she is next to me, she wants to nurse every 2 hours all night long. Now I bring her into my bed when she wakes in the morning and we cuddle and nurse. I give her a sippy cup of water to take to bed with her and somehow, that has helped her too.

        Good luck! I hope it happens for you soon!


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          Thanks everyone for your replies and hugs!!!

          I have to admit I was hoping for better news :-( but I'm not at all surprised!

          I will just take it one day at a time and hope for the best.