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Anyone use the Armsreach cosleeping bassinet?

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  • Anyone use the Armsreach cosleeping bassinet?

    We are having a hard time cosleeping because ds is so restless and nurses all night long. Dh is getting very frustrated and I am trying to find a solution that works for everyone.

    A king size bed would be wonderful but we cannot afford it. We have a queen size and ds usually sleeps between me and the bedrail.

    I've been considering a cosleeping bassinet but I'm wondering if ds is too big for it now - he's 17 lbs - almost 7 months. I know it says upto 30 lbs on the website but I'm wondering how big theyare really.

    Has anyone used one and how long did you use it for? Did your ds or dd grow out of it? When?

    Anyone have any other solutions?

    Thanks so much! I'm so not ready to give up on the family bed yet - but dh is almost there - hanging on by a thread I think.
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    Loved it

    I loved using my cosleeping bassinet with my ds however it was a mini cosleeping bassinet and he outgrew it around 4 months.
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      I have one but never really had Z sleep in it. We ended up using it as a changing area. Have you tried changing the position your LO sleeps in. I know when we put Z to sleep on her back she tosses and turns all night, but when she sleeps on her side she does better. She is tottally out when sleeping on her stomach but I only do that when she is sleeping on top of me b/c of the whole SIDS thing.


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        We used the *********** from about 3 months to 5-6 months when he outgrew it due to length. We had the mini-version. I absolutely loved this thing and considered buying the original after he outgrew it but I didn't and now regret it because he hasn't slept as well since. He now sleeps in our bed. I even considered moving his crib over and using it as a side car but we haven't tried that yet. I would get the original, you will probably be able to use it for a longer period of time.


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          I had the mini but really didn't use it. I think DS #1 slept in it a few times and DS #2 did too. If I had room, I'd side car a crib instead.


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            Loved mine (mini)...but I stopped using it when she could sit up since it would be easy to pull herself over the edge. So unless you have a video monitor to watch this....

            Have you thought of putting a mattress on the floor instead? Like a twin or toddler/crib mattress....Then you would still be able to nurse down, but would have own space. At least you would be able to see if it is that your LO needs his own space to sleep. I found that mine just wanted the blankets off her legs and to prop her feet up on my legs! Then she just stopped tossing.