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expectant mom wonders if toddler will ever sleep through the night

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  • expectant mom wonders if toddler will ever sleep through the night

    I need advice! Our 19-month-old son slept in our room (a combination of sleeping in our bed and right next to the bed in a bassinet) until he was 5 months old, when we transitioned him to a crib in his own room. He has never managed to sleep through the night, and since we're anti CIO we have just made peace with rocking/holding/soothing him back to sleep multiple times a night, whenever he cries out.

    From 12 months on he has slept in his room on the crib mattress on the floor. He liked this mobility from the beginning, and I loved the ability to lie down next to him in the middle of the night and soothe him back to sleep. Much more comfortable!

    However, I am now due with baby No. 2 in about 6 weeks and I'm dead-tired from still getting up two or three times a night. I'm wondering if it's possible to get an almost-20-month-old to sleep through the night without making him CIO, or if this is just how it's going to be. He naps for 2 hours in the middle of the day, fairly regularly, and we have a set bedtime routine that we stick to religiously. We do a nightly bath, then book reading with Daddy in a rocking chair in his room, then we turn off the lights and transition him to his bed where Daddy lies with him to do prayers and singing a few lullabies. Daddy stays in the room lying next to him until our son is asleep, which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

    We have made small steps toward his independent sleeping -- we used to always rock him to sleep, and we don't do that anymore. I've noticed that he really is attached to holding my hand or playing with my fingers in order to settle himself to sleep. I've tried to gradually take that luxury away from him ... with mixed results. Right now the bedtime routine starts around 8 and he's asleep by 9, wakes at least twice in the middle of the night (sometimes I'm able to get him back to sleep in a matter of minutes; other times I'm in there for 2 hours or more), and is usually up and ready for the day by 6:30 or 7. Most mornings I bring him in bed with me and we snuggle and I snooze for an hour or so. Our newborn will be co-sleeping with us, though, so I'm not sure how this will affect our current routine.

    Any advice would be so appreciated. I'm exhausted, and it's going to get way worse in a few weeks....

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    Why not put a single mattress on the floor so when he needs to be comforted back to sleep you or daddy can actually fall back asleep with him in comfort and not lose too much sleep overall at night?

    I do understand that you want him to have his own room and own sleeping area, but right now and when the baby is young you will really need that flexibility and extra togetherness with him through the transition to two kids!
    Good luck!