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Nightweaning 3.25 yr old

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    How is it be working for you now that it has been a few more days????

    At least my DD is not tantruming anymore...but it is still taking forever to get her to settle down at night after lights-out.


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      Well, she no longer gets upset about not nursing at night (its been 3 weeks now) but she still wakes 7-9 times a night. In the early morning, around 3-4am, she will stay awake until the sun comes up which means its time to nurse. I find myself watching the window for any sign that the sun is coming up, too, because I know we'll both finally get back to sleep once she nurses.

      So.... I guess overall nightweaning hasn't really helped our sleep yet, and maybe has made it a little worse. But at least it doesn't seem traumatic to her anymore.

      I'm so afraid she'll figure out that if she stays up all night, she can nurse and sleep all day, lol.


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        i nightweaned ds2, hoping to get more sleep, too, but it didn't work either.

        if she's gone this long and still isn't sleeping, would you be willing to go back to nursing so you can get some more sleep, since it seems like that's what you're saying?


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          I thought about it - going back to nursing her at night. But I just can't seem to do it. Maybe its because we went through a great deal to get where we are, and it might be confusing to her to go back. Also, we slept better last night, so maybe things are going to gradually improve. I hope so! Last night we didn't nurse until 7:30 am. I think she was really tired, and she's awfully grumpy today, so I wonder if she is coming down with something.


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            i hope that things continue to improve for you. please keep us posted!