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    I'm attempting to help my 10 month old dd sleep alone at night for a little while so i can give my dh some time with me. I take her upstairs at bedtime and nurse her down. then once i'm assure she's really asleep i slip my breast out and sneak away. The first night she slept and hour, the second night 30 min. tonight alas only 20 min. I respond immediatly as she does not setle herself yet and escalates very quickly. I've tried to let my dh sometimes go and calm her but she escalates even more. the only way so far i've found to settle her is to offer the breast to comfort her. i've ordered in the no cry sleep solution but the local library has to get it from another library. I was hoping that some of you mom's out there may have some suggestions that i can try while waiting. I don't want to stop her night nursing all together. She's an active girl who has trouble settling down to nurse so i don't mind allowing her to nurse at night. I just want to help her sleep a little longer than 20 min by herself. any advice is welcomed.