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  • Nap transition

    We have a 21 month old and have had her in our bed since day one and have always held her or had our nanny hold her until she falls asleep for naptime. Unfortunately our nanny is going back to work and we are having to move our daughter to a montessori day care. Our major issue now is how we are going to get her to go to sleep on her own since there is no way the day care is going to hold her until she falls asleep like we have done her whole life. What can we do to make this transition easy? She is also still breastfed so her night time ritual has revolved around breastfeeding, but she does not have that for naptimes during the week.

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    Also interested

    Not going into daycare, but expecting #2 and want to start transitioning her to going to sleep on her own without breastfeeding. Nighttime has a good routine, but nap is just breastfeeding...she just goes down really easily that way! Sometimes at night, she will still be awake after breastfeeding and will 'wander' around the bed and eventually lay down to go to sleep. Or I will take her downstairs with me and she will fall asleep on my lap while I relax with DH.

    Getting her own bed in next couple weeks or least for nap times and initial bedtime (she is still working on sleeping thru). She is 18mos



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      I think this is a common concern! Here are some other threads on the same issue or variation of it if you want to read them.


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        sorry to have missed the OP, but if it's a montessori day care, i wouldn't worry a bit about thow they're going to get them to sleep. it's the most amazing thing to watch them get all the toddlers down for nap. they just go right down! and they typically sleep longer than at home! i work at a montessori and my son is in the toddler program. after 2 years there it's still shocking to me.


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          So how do they do it?


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            it's crazy. they get out 15 cots, turn down the lights, put on soft music, tell the toddlers to lay down, and they all go to sleep. sometimes i think what i really need at naptime is 14 more toddlers!


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              I used to work at a "Montessori-like" school. It's totally true...teachers would just get out the cots and tell the kids it was time for a nap. Sometimes there would be a new child in the class that would be having a hard time with it, and the teachers would help that child and hold and rock them more. I think you should talk to the teachers about your concerns. But your daughter may surprise that age she'll see that all the other kids do it, and there is no reason that she shouldn't follow the group.