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15 hours awake.... and counting.

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  • 15 hours awake.... and counting.

    I seem to have jinxed myself by saying in another thread that DS is doing much better with his sleep......... He has now been awake for 15 hours!!!!!!!! Surely this is impossible? He woke up at 2am and its now 5pm and he is not showing any signs of going to sleep. I have tried a few times throughout the day and he is just wired for sound. It took two hours to get him to sleep last night and today he just screamed until I made it clear that I was no longer trying to get him to sleep. Since breaking the feed to sleep cycle he has been settling himself, which is great, but it also means that he when he doesnt want to go to sleep we cannot do anything to 'help'
    him. He will not feed to sleep, or be rocked, strolled... nothing.

    PLEASE tell me that he is not trying to drop his nap! He is too young for that right (17 months)? I normally blame teething when he is sleeping badly. He has been teething continuously since he was six months and we are now on the final molars (thank goodness). Although his teeth are bothering him usually some paracetamol will help, not this time. He is REALLY close to talking, has a quite few words and has just started to put together short sentences like "want down now". I wonder if that could be the problem? Anyway, if he doesnt go to sleep at bedtime I think I might loose my mind!!!!!!!

    I am not sure what you can all do. I am just looking for sympathy. I am pregnant and exhausted, I cannot keep this up for too long.

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    My baby is doing that too (17 months) ...not as long as yours is ...Sorry! But I think mine is really excited about talking and is having growing pains in his legs and absolutely refuses to have covers over his legs and kicks them off!

    There were two days I drove his around untill he fell asleep (bring a book for reading after he falls asleep and you can park). I don't normally ever do this but he was having such difficulty falling asleep but was obviously tired. Poor you all pregnant and stuff too! Get some rest when you can! I understand!


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      I haven't been in this situation (YET) but I'll just say hang in there you're doing great!! It must be so hard but if it's a matter of a developmental spurt then it's got to be a brief phase, surely. Is there anyone who can help you looking after him so you can rest? Maybe if you pretend you don't care about him sleeping he will feel less resistant to the idea! My 11mo sometimes will only sleep if I lie next to him and breathe as though I am already asleep, so he knows I'm there but it seems like I've given up 'helping' him to sleep. Maybe you've already tried that though! My heart goes out to you. I hope he settles down soon.