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Does co-sleeping ever end?

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  • Does co-sleeping ever end?

    I was hoping to hear from some experienced moms who have co-slept and then found a way to gracefully put their children into their own beds.

    I have a 20 month old son and a 3 1/2 year daughter. My daughter used to sleep in her bed but stopped after she noticed my son was in bed with us and it looked like fun. (I "ferberized" her at around 5 months but hated every second of those three nights.) I decided to try a gentler approach with my son BUT he's just not ready!!! Now we're all squished in one queen sized bed. My husband won't get a king because he's not ready to admit defeat He is hoping that this will end sooner vs later.

    Has anyone experienced the end of co-sleeping that went smoothly? Any tips?

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    we transitioned our 5 and 2 year old boys to their own room by laying two twin mattresses on the floor and laying w/them till they fell asleep and would then get up and go to our bed. we now read a story, kiss them goodnite, and leave the room. they're about to turn 6 and 3.


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      My oldest, now 7, moved into his own bed in his own bedroom just before he turned 2. He was tired of mommy's big pregnant belly taking up the bed though hehe. My daughter is 5.5 and she's in a smaller bed in our room but she has some health issues and so I feel better having her in our room.

      The way we migrated my daughter out of our bed was to get a toddler bed and put it in our room. I could lie in my bed while she was in her bed and we could hold hands, etc. I'd sing and hold her hand until she went to sleep and it worked perfectly. I'm not sure when we'll move her out of our room, maybe when her health issues are under control.


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        Thank you for sharing your tips. I just want to make sure that in the end the kids will develop some independence in this area. I worry that I am just creating a habit here that will be harder and harder to break as we continue.