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How did your co-sleeping end?

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  • How did your co-sleeping end?

    It would be SO HELPFUL to hear back from people who co-sleep or who used to share a bed with their kids at some point. Everyone I know thinks this is a CRAZY thing to do! My daughter (age 3) recently moved BACK into our bed because she felt left out seeing her little brother (20 months) getting all the extra mommy time. So now it can get rather squishy in our queen bed. My husband refuses to buy a king because he doesn't want this to continue for too much longer. I don't mind it as much as he does.

    My only fear is that it will never end. We bought a beautiful, new, full sized, Serta bed for my daughter and she loves it but she'd still rather sleep with us. We kept her toddler bed in her room hoping our son would sleep in the same room with her and they could keep each other company. This hasn't happened yet but hopefully they will someday?

    I also wish they would fall asleep on their own without my company so I could have more time to myself in the evening. I usually lay down with them for about 30 minutes until they fall asleep. It gets really frustrating when everyone else's children I know fall asleep by themselves and sleep through the night. My son STILL occasionally wakes up even though we co-sleep and likes to be rocked back to sleep. That is really, really, really hard to handle in the middle of the night. I blame myself and/or get blamed for not demanding more from him. After reading Sears I thought this was positive night time parenting, but it's hard to stick with it when you are doing it alone.

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    Just remind yourself that every child is different. Siome children sleep easily some don't. My son is 26 months and still wakes up every night.
    Try not to compare your child to other children and don't bring up his sleeping patterns to anyone who will be unsympathetic or critical.
    It's pretty normal that your daughter would want in on the mommy time! Any chance one of them would accept daddy as a substitute? Daddy could lie with the 20 month old while you lie with your daughter in her bed. Then your daughter gets that quality time with you but she's also in her own bed? We also do really early bedtimes so even after the 30 - 45 minutes of bedtime routine and snuggling it's early enough for us to enjoy some time to ourselves or with each other. We are usually laying in bed by 7:05 p.m. Thats our 4 1/2 yr old and the 26 month old.

    hope some tidbit was helpful.


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      ITs hard getting scruptinzed for your parenting descions. It often makes us second guess our choices as if Aunt Snotty's prediction "then they will never leave your bed" might actually happen!

      Here are some threads reagrding bedsharing and sleeping with two children.

      We are in the middle of getting our sons more used to staying in there own bed by going to there bed when they have nightime needs. The 4 year old has a queen in another room and the 18mo old has a single in our room, recently separated from ours. Its a little more tedious at first but a lot of the times they boys will end up sleeping long periods without us. There are many creative options to meeting children's nightime needs. It's also important to be willing to try something else if what you currently have going is not working. As your children age, their needs will also chance.