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11mo boy turns into a ball of rage beside me at night!! HELP =(

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  • 11mo boy turns into a ball of rage beside me at night!! HELP =(

    Hi all,

    Hope someone has some light to shed on this. I am getting increasingly worried about my 11mo son who has in the last few months taken to waking up usually 3 or four times a night, but when he does he goes from his usual sweet daytime persona to a little mr hyde!! screaming, grabbing my boobs (I night weaned him at 9/10 months, very very difficult) scratching, thrashing around...(we generally co-sleep) When he's just with my husband he calms right down and goes back to sleep!!!! He can occasionally sleep the 'core night' (11pm - 6am or so) but only with his dad, with me he seems to smell the milk and go crazy that he's not getting any. The thing is I don't want to have to wean him entirely, nor sleep every night in a different room from my husband!!! It seems to go on even when teeth aren't appearing, when he isn't ill, he's not wet through to his pyjamas, he's not windy in the mornings, he's not on his own...has anyone had any success with homeopathy for this kind of thing? It seems like he is violently angry at me. We are moving house to a different country in a couple of weeks and I wonder if he's just picked up on that. Is there anything I could/should be doing or is this just a phase?? A million thanks for any advice! =)


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    Just a little more info...I decided to night wean after reading on Dr Sears' website about it, thinking it would help, and now that I'm come 'this far' (haha) I feel like going back to nursing all night would only reinforce to my son the idea that he should wake up all night screaming. I don't actually mind waking up a couple of times a night but it's him going bananas at me that really gets to me. The linger it goes on the less I want to give him the boob in case it encourages him to treat me in a violent way when he wants something. But maybe he's still too little to 'learn' something like that one way or another...I'm so confused!! There aren't many AP folks around me and I worry that I'm just getting bombarded by conventional wisdom. Should I just go back to night nursing in the hopes he will just grow out of it? I have also had health problems and exhaustion due to breastfeeding so much. Thanks for any ideas! =)


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      It sounds like he is not ready to night wean. I think he is getting that extra emotional because he is really desiring nursing at night and its not given easily anymore. My second son was like this and I waited a few more months till he was between teething and didn't have a cold. Its harder on the babies if they are going through other things at the same time (you may not even realise it) like learning a new skill- walking, communicating - or going through a big growth spurt.
      I think you should wait for a window..How will you know there is a window? When you attempt to distract from a night feeding and he is not as upset and goes back to sleep pretty easily.

      This is interesting because this describes my first born too.
      He can occasionally sleep the 'core night' (11pm - 6am or so) but only with his dad, with me he seems to smell the milk and go crazy that he's not getting any.
      You only have to do that for a little while...Its not 'forever' away from DH
      My second son would not tolerate ANY night comforting from his father. Each child is different!

      Its difficult I know!

      Oh, and I think babies and children do sense moving is comming. Children are very sensitive to their parents emotional state!
      Here's an article on moving -Ease the Transition of Moving to a New Home
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        What we did when we were ready to nightwean ( altho my little guy was a little older I waited until he was past his first birthday) was this.
        I nursed DS to sleep at 8 or 9 ish. DH and I went to bed at 11 ish. Sometimes DS would wake then and I'd nurse him back to sleep. Then when he next woke up I would try to pat or rub him back to sleep - if this didn't help I would simply leave the room , either go to the bathroom and read for 10 minutes or if I needed to keep sleeping I just went to the couch- DH would comfort him and he would almost always go back to sleep. Id return to bed or sometimes finish out the night on the couch. This only lasted a couple of weeks at most.