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Still takes ages to fall asleep, I need reassurance...

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  • Still takes ages to fall asleep, I need reassurance...

    Hi all

    It's been over a month since i last posted here and DS is STILL not going to sleep. He is still doing the “look around” whenever I'm trying to cuddle, rock or feed him to sleep. The only thing that works now is to put him in mei tai and squat until he drops off. I don't mind this before but now DS is 20lb and it is getting VERY tiring when DH and I have to do this 3-4 time EVERYDAY for at least 15 mins each, and sometimes nighttime too if feeding him to sleep didn't work, arrrggghhh. (I did lost a few kilo from doing it, haha)

    I'm really really doubting if I'm doing it right ... I pick him up when he grizzles (which now he perfected into shrieks, and sometimes happens just ½ hr after he wakes), then I do the wind down routine (dance, feed and then in cot) he rubs his eyes but the next min he rolls and looks around? I tried the darken room, it worked for a little while but now he cries as soon as we step in. He gets more hyper when we try to calm him down (talking, singing, cuddling)... He would ultimately get drowsy and doze off in the MT, but by then he would have waken for over 3 hrs with lots of protest crying and shrieking.

    Is it really possible for some babies to not fall asleep “peacefully”? I did a baby temperament test and said DS is a spirited baby? Please tell me I'm not doing anything wrong as I really need some reassurance to keep going (most of the mums in my mum group are doing CIO). This sleep issue is getting very exhaustive and depressing .

    p.s. I'm reading the “no cry nap” book and hope it may help...

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    *hugs* to you momma. I am in my 30s and I have always, and I mean always, had a difficult time falling asleep. My mom says I was the same way as a baby. I definitely have a spirited personality. I have two children, one who lies down and falls asleep (she's 5 now) and the other has a difficult time falling asleep (he's 7). I know that it is hard to keep on your path when you have friends who CIO and then talk about how wonderful life is...without knowing what effect the CIO had on the child. I think that temperament does play into this and with age it does get better. Is he cutting any molars by chance? I forget when they get molars but I know that my oldest, the one who has a hard time falling asleep, was much more emotional during growth spurts and teething.


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      I do think all children have different sleep temperaments. My two boys are VERY different in what they need/needed for sleeping. One of my co-leaders has a little girl who is now 5 but has always been a sleep fighter. Sleep just dosn't seem to be that high of a priority for this child. She sleeps less then others her age and is not always peacefully entered into sleep. As she has gotten older her relationship with sleep has equalized.
      Keep your chin up!