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3.5 yr old nurses to sleep and **********

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  • 3.5 yr old nurses to sleep and **********

    My son is 3.5 years old. We co-sleep and I am the only one that can get him to sleep. I'm sure this is because he still nurses to sleep ( this is the only time he nurses). I would LOVE to somehow share the responsibility with my husband. I hope my son will wean completely soon, which I think will help the situation. Any ideas on how I can share the nighttime duty with my hubby?

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    is he helping out at all now? does he get involved in the nighttime routine? i'd start w/that. have him lay w/you while you're nursing. then, when you're done nursing, he can continue to lay w/your son.


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      I second that... don't make it an either or situation but a Daddy too -yeah!


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        We have started doing the same as mentioned. Daddy lays with us, but now we have started Daddy & Mommy read bed time stories and then Daddy continues to read the stories as Ronnie nurses to sleep.
        It helps him drift off to sleep hearing the story while he is nursing and it is such a nice family moment.

        Over time this will help us graduate from nursing to sleep to having stories read to sleep.
        Not too soon though. I am not ready to give that up.