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hard to settle 11month, co-sleeping

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  • hard to settle 11month, co-sleeping


    Just want some help with settling my 11 month old daughter. She's going through some major changes, just started walking and really understanding words now. She's so much more active in the day now and it seems it takes her longer at night for her to wind down. I was just letting her bounce around the bed doing press-ups on mummy then holding her and rocking her to gently wind down till she settles but it's going on longer and longer now. So I tried putting her back in the sling, which I use during the day if she can't settle quickly. Thing is she's getting pretty heavy now 11kg and she also just wants to wriggle out of it at night.

    We have our routine of book, teeth, bottle and bed, I think I need to add some soothing things, I can't bath her because she has eczema and she cries more than settles. Ideas?

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    are you sure she's tired? are you trying to get her to bed too early? is she getting plenty of fresh air during the day?


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      What about a mei tai carrier instead of a sling. She wouldn't be able to crawl out of that and she can snuggle up against your chest.

      Also bouncing on an exercise ball while holding my LO helps get him to sleep.


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        Thanks for the replies.

        I have started putting her to bed later and it's improving, tonight she settled under 1/2 an hour and no bouncing. Good advise