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7mo rejecting co-sleeping, but still waking continuously - advice on night weaning?

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  • 7mo rejecting co-sleeping, but still waking continuously - advice on night weaning?

    Our 7 month old son is now rejecting co-sleeping with me (and breaking my heart in the process!); he will happily settle into our bed to nurse, but after about an hour he starts screaming and flailing until I pick him up and go back into his nursery (next room) and put him in his crib. He is still waking up every 1-3 hours (sometimes intervals as short as 15 minutes) so it's in and out of his crib all night long, meaning very little sleep for me - at least I'd be lying down and dozing if he'd stay in bed with me. He cannot fall asleep by himself, but must be nursed or bounced/danced to sleep fully before putting him down (we often have several false starts where he immediately wakes up as soon as we set him down). He also rarely allows my husband to comfort him and screams louder until I come in and nurse him. Our current approach is that we go to him as soon as we know he's awake (as opposed to little whimpers in his sleep, from which he re-settles on his own) and comfort him in any way necessary until he's fully asleep and then gently transfer him to his crib, extracting ourselves like practiced ninjas lest we awaken him! Everyone, including our pediatrician, is telling us we need to just let him cry. We have not had success with putting him down in the crib "drowsy, but awake". He does not take a pacifier. He has a little puppy blanket/lovey, but it seems to offer no assistance in the falling/staying asleep process.

    What should we be doing differently? I really need to find a way to get some more sleep. He doesn't take a bottle, so there's no way to take turns. How can I help him sleep for longer stretches at night or is that not a reasonable expectation? Are there things we could do/stop doing or do I just need to accept that this is what he needs right now and that he'll eventually figure it out on his own timetable? Thanks for any advice!

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    my 2nd hated bedsharing. it took until he was 11 mos to figure that out. so we put a pack-n-play next to our bed. he still woke every hour, but w/out the flailing and anger that you describe. this way, we could still tend to him, but he was a little happier.
    my children were very poor sleepers. neither slept through the nite until well past age 2, even after night-weaning. i do believe that sleeping all nite is developmental and sometimes there is just nothing you can do except be responsive.


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      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Has anyone else tried night weaning before age 1, or is that a bad idea? I've determined that he's shifted most of his calorie intake to the nighttime feedings, unfortunately - he now seems far too "busy" to be bothered with eating as much during the day. Any ideas on how we can divert most of the feedings back to during the day?

      We walked around the zoo for 4 hours today (baby in the sling - what a workout!) and he is absolutely conked out ... hopefully we're in for some longer sleep segments tonight!