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    My two-and-a-half-year-old doesn't sleep during a day any more I don't know if it is normal for his age.

    I tried to go to bed with him and read him books, but it doesn't work.

    He wakes up about 8 a.m. Then he becomes a little capricious in the evening (about 5-6 p.m.) and goes to sleep about 7-8 p.m. without any problems. Then he sleeps good all night with us.

    Should I try to get him to day sleep or just leave it as is?

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    Personally, if he is not showing any signs of missing the nap, and is sleeping enough at night (which I think 12 -13 hours is enough) then just let it go. We do maintain quiet time because *I* need that time. But the kids can play on the computer (the little one will watch when he doesn't nap) or read books, color (the little one's all time favorite activity), play with puzzles, toys in their room as long as it is quiet, and things of this nature. With my first, it took a few weeks of me sitting with him and teaching him what quiet time was about, but with the others, they just followed with what he did. It is well worth it for me because I am an introvert with 3/4(when dss is here) kids, and I NEED that time to recharge myself.


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      I just wrote my post, and today he came to me to sleep while I was coloring his book May be he decided to sleep because the weather is rainy today.

      Anyway, I think you are right:

      if he is not showing any signs of missing the nap, and is sleeping enough at night (which I think 12 -13 hours is enough) then just let it go
      Today he needed to sleep and he came to me to sleep. And if he doesn't sleep it means he doesn't need to. May be so

      Thank you!


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        Mine slowly stopped napping at 2 1/2. Still encourage those quiet times, reading in bed is good because every now and then he will need a nap and that will be his chance. Maybe if he had an exciting day, fighting of a cold, a fitful night before, or some extra growing sleep!


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          Thank you for answers, it helped me a lot.

          My parents tell me that he is too small to stay up all day because it's traditional in our country that children have day sleeping until they go to school. But I see that he doesn't need it. And I thought may be it doesn't all ok with him. We moved about five month ago and I was afraid if that moving caused this. Because of that I decided to ask this question. But now I see that it is normal if he doesn't have day sleeping
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            Where are you from? Just curious.


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              Our family came from the Ukraine. Almost all children from 3 to 7 go to kindergarten in our country. They stay there all day, they have a breakfast, a dinner, a supper, they play and study in the kindergarten. And they necessarily have to have a nap.