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  • Help getting baby to accept **********

    I need help. My 4 month old has been sleeping in my bed with me since birth. I had intended to use the "attached bed" but he had horrible reflux and would gag and choke when sleeping anywhere but propped up on my arm.

    I really need him to sleep in the "attached bed" for 2 reasons.
    1) My husband won't sleep in our bed for fear of squashing the baby between us.
    2.) I'm a medical resident with overnight and beeper call responsiblities that will resume soon and if my baby is going to sleep he'll need to be in the "attached bed" so my husband can sleep in the bed next to him when I'm gone.

    Now that he's finally his choking tendency I'm having a hard time getting him to accept the "attached bed" . He roots and bangs his head on the side trying to get closer to me despite how I try to reassure him. I've put my arm in the bed and my face on the side rail, I pat him and talk to him, but he just gets more and more frantic. I've read the sleep whisperer but the pick up put down methods seems almost as harsh as the Ferber method, almost like I'd be teasing him.

    Please help. I welcome your suggestions
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    Does the attached bed have a side rail that lowers? If so, try placing him in it with the rail down next to you. Then work your way towards raising the rail. Also, a friendly reminder to dh, he has never laid on top of you, has he? DH was all into co-sleeping and I was the scared one until he reminded me that I had never, not even once, accidentally laid on top of him in his sleep. We used a ********** in the center of our bed and that helped, but by the third, we were so used to having a baby there, that even now, without any kids in bed, we both stay on our sides at night.


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      FYI, the word you are using for that contraption that you tie on to your bed for night sleeping ( )that is automatically deleted is a trademarked word and we're not allowed to use it w/out permission. bed-side sleeper, attached bed, etc. are all substitutes that will make it through the filter.


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        oops, sorry. Ours sat in the middle of the bed and strapped to the mattress, it had sides on it and a little light on the bottom so when we needed to, we could flip it on and see what we needed to.

        I'll remember that next time though.


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          no worries, no one's in trouble, i just wanted to clarify why our system was automatically deleting people's words. it makes it look like people are swearing