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Exhausted mom with 9 month old

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  • Exhausted mom with 9 month old

    Hi - I am writing on behalf of my sister. She has a 9 month old and is seriously exhausted and struggling with her health due to the fact that her son wakes every hour at night to breastfeed/comfort (and has done so since he was born). She is beyond the point of slow remedies to help him - he is fully in a pattern of needing the breast to sleep and she has health complications that need to be addressed with sleep right away. She is committed to the AP approach, but I want to be able to suggest a good, concrete way she can change this pattern without going straight to Ferber/cry it out method. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    can the baby nurse in bed? then she can sleep through it?

    can you help out during the day for a few days so she can catch up with sleep?