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10 mo won't settle for naps or nighttime anymore

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  • 10 mo won't settle for naps or nighttime anymore

    My 10 mo used to settle SO NICELY for naps and nighttime. I laid down with her and she nursed, fell asleep, I unlatched her - and she slept. Lately she is not falling asleep. She is wanting to pacify herself and not sleep - and it is just not working. If I try to detach, she wakes up and nuzzles back in for more pacifying. I have an 19 mo as well, so I can't just let her pacify all day. I would if I could but I can't.

    Other than just wanting to pacify, pacify, pacify she is starting to crawl away, roll around, try to stand up etc. etc. while I'm trying to help soothe her to sleep. I try to bring her back to a laying down position, but she fights it. There have been a couple of times I just had to hold her and let her cry. Since she is so much more "aware" of the world now than when she was little, she is getting distracted by EVERYTHING. I don't know what else to do!!

    I KNOW she is tired because I know her! She yawns and rubs her eyes, then crawls to me fussing. She has gone from 2 naps a day to 1 now. And today she hasn't napped at all!!!

    I would SO appreciate your help.

    Thank you!!

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    I think this "she is starting to crawl away, roll around, try to stand up etc. etc. while I'm trying to help soothe her to sleep." is the key! She seems to be going through some big transitions and is unable to stop moving for naps. My temporary solutions on those days is to take a walk (one in stroller, one in carrier or double stroller)or a drive just to get some rest for my two...and me. Sometimes they will just work out the wiggles after a few days and you can go back to the old way.
    Is she eating anything new? A lot of sugar can make it worse!
    Keep us updated!


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      She is starting to eat more solids lately - that is true. The new things this week have been sweet peas (whole and gently cooked) and some chicken. She does eat Goldfish crackers as well - maybe that is too much for her little tummy to process. She has never been a fan of purees, so I've had to find finger foods that she could safely eat at her age.

      You're right that she is probably just making some developmental leaps and so her body is changing. Hopefully she will settle back into her old routine. I will try doing the walks (we use a stroller for the older one and a sling for her). I remember that some brief stimulation out-of-doors does help calm her to be receptive to soothing at nap time. It is starting to get *hot* here, so I've avoided walks, but that might be part of the problem, too. She liked them!

      I'll keep ya posted. Thanks for the help!